WOW ..Flickr Explore!

Yesterday happened to pretty eventful for me. The most memorable part of yesterday? I found out from a great flickr buddy, I had made Flickrs' EXPLORE! How cool is that?! I was so excited, I have since been glued to my computer screen in awe! My photo is surround by the most gorgeous photographs. I had to wonder how I even made it. I must confess, even though I'm not too familiar with Explore, I had heard of it. You should see some of the photographs posted there daily. Amazing! Can I show you my photograph?
...good, cuz I was going to share it with you anyway ;D

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Cinderella Set on EXPLORE!
YUP, Pyrex! Who knew?! I never thought I'd love this photo as much I do today! I happened to be updating my flickr buddy icon, blogger button etc etc, and wanted to put up a another photo of my Friendship set. So I chose this one. Mainly because - I <3 Friendship Pyrex! It's my absolute favorite Pyrex pattern. Who knew this would chosen?
Now it may not be a big deal to alot you, but it's a huge deal to me. Talk about a koolaid smile! :B 

Then I come to find out another one of my photos had been chosen last year in December as well. YAY!
Here's my first photo..

Vintage Pyrex Embroidery 443 Cinderella Bowl on EXPLORE!
What else have I been missing??! SO, I'm extremely excited, totally giddy, and very proud that I have kept up with my photography hobby!
 I <3 Flickr! :B
Thanks for sharing this great moment with me people!!

Veronica ;D

PS - Check out my Vivid Felicity etsy shop. I'm selling off ALOT of my Pyrex collection right now to raise $ for a new sewing machine (Plus I have NO room for it!). I have now been officially bitten by the sewing bug! Please feel free to help me out ;D! Maybe then I might be able to bring you my take on quilted goodies!! Thanks Again!!


Samy's Bliss Quilt on In Color Order?! YAY!

So here I am. Finally a moment of peace while Samy naps :p. As I was reading through the blogs I follow  (It's been quite a long time since I've last logged in), I get to In Color Order, and start to scroll through all the posts. And what should I come upon, but Samy's Bliss Quilt featured on one of Jeni's Favorite Picks Post on the 5th of April!! WOW!! How Very Sweet of her to include me! I only just now saw it :B.

I blogged about it, but never thought it to be a Jeni fave. How sweet, EEE! I love that girl ;D! If you didn't get a chance to see it, here it is..

Bliss Quilt

I'm still very proud of this quilt! It was my first quilt, and I was lucky enough to have Jeni help me with it. Yay! SO! Thanks once again Jeni! Your Awesome!

Veronica  ;D


Grey Sky Brainstorming

The sky is grey, the snow is falling, and I just can't believe Spring even made it here. I just feel like lounging around and watching TV all day. Well that's not going to happen with Samy around (my toddler)! SO I needed a pep-me-up to get the spring back in my step. As I went upstairs and into my sewing room, I noticed one of my wire baskets on the floor holding my VS Hems. Project time! Samy's asleep, and I have the house all to myself YAY!

Now.. hm..
My Vintage Sheet Hems Stash
What to do with these? I still can't figure it out. They look so bright and happy sitting there in the middle of my, otherwise, grey room today. Colorful, pretty, glowing away ahhh... Photo Shoot! So that's just what I did ;D

First up, my Small Hems..
Vintage Sheet Skinny Hems
I like the way this photo turned out. You can see the texture of the sheets, and I liked the lighting also.
Neext my Wide hems...
Vintage Sheet Wide Hems
Most of my hems are Wide. ..hmm they could be re purposed as hems for other things! Like pj pants, a nightie, sleeve cuffs also..
...now a couple of close-ups...
Vintage Sheet Hems
Oh I liked that photo. I like the depth & brightness of it :D
Vintage Sheet Hems Close-Up
That's a cool shot! "...nothings coming to my mind!"... Lol, Back To The Future.
Vintage Sheet Hems
The slant on that one was fun! So Much Pink!!
Vintage Sheet Hems
This one is cool too :)  Ahh, I feel more peppy, how about you?!
This turned out to be a fun "project" after all. I had fun photographing my VS Hems! Still, I see more brainstorming in my future. Any suggestions and what to use these hems for? 



HST Block of the Month

Finally!! I've committed myself to a sewing project :D. Okay well two of them.
 One being the - Half-Square Triangle Block of the Month  by Jeni over at In Color Order.
 The second is the Retro Flowers Quilt Along hosted by Bianca of Sweet Diesel Designs, and Megan of City Stitches. Who put together the quilt along using Christina's, of The Sometimes Crafter, pattern.

Today, however, I wanted to show you how far I've come in the HST Triangle Block Tute! I didn't originally intend on pursuing the tutorials, as I would be three months behind the group. I just knew I needed the practice. Well the more I stitched, the more addicted I became. Before I knew it, I used every spare moment trying my very hardest to catch up. Remember I'm still a beginner, so for me this project is pretty intimidating!

 So I began, so far so good. I made my very first VS HSTs. They went together pretty well I think. See...
HST :)
I was fairly happy with my work. After a couple of days, and in between Mommy duty, I managed to sew together my first HST block for January
January HST Block
MORE Practice! Wahwah :P am I right??
I kept going regardless of how aweful I thought my January Block was. I thought, 'At least I know I can put it together & now I know what to expect.'
So I took my time putting together the next bock...
February HST Block
...Still wonder why I couldn't match up my seams, Darn Booboos! STILL, it's so pretty I thought, 'Well I wonder what the next block looks like, & what am I doing wrong here so I can fix it?' Then I remembered my sweet friend Colleen's advice, consistant 1/4" seams, Of Course! So I made sure to watch & line up every single seam before it went under my walking foot. LOOK!...
March HST Block
Just a few booboos, and much much better! AND I  had it done on the very last day of the month! I made these three blocks in 4 to 5 days, WOW! I also "whipped out" the HST Block for April, take a look...
April HST Block
That Rocks!! ;D
The moral of the story here is, have confidence and try new things! Lol! Okay, so I wasn't trying to teach about morals, but I thought it fit right in here :B. This was so much fun, and Jeni has such great tutes. It's so easy, and believe me, if you think you can't -give it try anyway! You might surprise yourself, I know I sure did ;D.

...now where's that mailman with my rotary cutter & curve master foot attatchment, so that I can get started on my Retro Flowers QAL???!?!??!?!!...