When I go back and look at all my past work, I'm reminded of why I love sewing. Much needed therapy. Success!


Patchwork Fabric Basket

Hello Friends! It's been too long hasn't it?! Well, I hope your all doing great because I have something I'd like to share with you.
I've found myself going back to reading blogs, and then the inevitable blog write-ups were missed as well. I just find them necessary in my daily routine. They help with inspiration, take me away from everyday life situations, and provide a much needed tonic in the sense that I feel much less stress.

So here I am, ready to share a fun patchwork tutorial. It's been a long time, and I've only written 2 tutorials. One of them needing revamping! There's about a million awesome tutorials out there for these baskets, but since I had a number of questions I'm going to show you how I did it. Try not to be to critical of my work. I personally believe in courtesy & nice friendly help with a smile :). I feel these days it's all about bad attitude, no smiles or greetings, and having the last word, but ..well anyway, let's just play nice!!

This fabric basket was inspired by one I ran across on Pinterest created by nanaCompany. She made one for Tasha Noel's quilt market booth a few years back. I shot her an email to find out what size blocks she had used, as well as other info. Well, she was so sweet to respond she doesn't have a tutorial up, but hopes to soon. She gave me links to other tutorials, but I just couldn't find one to suite my needs. Now, even though mine isn't perfect, I've since decided to try it out on my own. I'll include a ton of photos to help further explain the steps. Beware, if your new to sewing, this might seem daunting! I'd say this is more for the intermediate quilter. Apologies for such a long post.
OK Ready??


Materials needed:

Thirty-Six 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" squares for outside shell.

One 6 1/2″ X 25″ fabric for lining.

Two 6 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ One for the bottom lining, one for the bottom outside shell.

One 6 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ and One 6 1/2″ X 25″ pieces for Batting.

One 2 1/4" X 26 1/2" piece for Binding.

**Please note all seams are 1/4" unless otherwise noted.


Gather your 36 2.5"X 2.5" squares, and lay them out in your desired pattern. If your wanting a checkered look, like mine, lay out two blocks like the one on the left, and two other blocks, like the one on the right in the bottom photograph..

Once you have them laid out, this is where a design wall or design board comes in handy, you can just move 3 blocks over. Leaving one block next to your machine. If you don't have a such a space, not to worry! Simply gather one block at a time, keeping each row in order. Like so..

Top row, left to right goes on top. Second row, left to right goes in the middle, and third row left to right goes on bottom. Clip together using wonder clips, paper clips or even large pins. If you have to stop, and worry about mixing them up, simply put each pinned block in a zip lock bag & number them 1-4.

Starting with the top row. Sew Three 2.5"X 2.5" blocks together side by side, using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Repeat with the next two rows. Pressing the seams correctly is vital for the proper outcome of the outer shell. 1st & 3rd rows, press center block seams outwards, 2nd row center block, press seams inward. Does that make sense? ...Press them just like in the photo below...

Now we're going to sew the rows together. Butt up the first two rows next to each, and flip the 1st row onto the 2nd. Nesting the seams together, and pin! Like this..

I know I didn't pin, but you can see what I mean by nesting the seams together here ;). Your going to sew these rows together on the pinned side. Double check and make sure your sewing the right side. It'll save you from having to use the seam ripper! (Yeah, that was me!) Repeat with the last row. Your finished block should now measure 6.5"X 6.5" and look like this..

Set it aside and Don't press yet! Repeat for the next three blocks, and warm up your iron. I'll wait..

...(elevator music comes to mind here. The Girl from Ipanema perhaps?)...

All done?!! Awesome, let's keep going!

We're going to finish pressing our blocks! This step also helps nest the finished blocks for great alignment! Press them like so..

These are alternating blocks with seams pressed towards the center, and the remaining alternating blocks with the seams pressed outward. Nest together just like your rows, pin sides together, and sew. Press these seams open.

Repeat the process, and continue adding the next two blocks. When your finished, you should have a long row like this..

Lay your finished outer shell, right side up, on top of your batting. Quilt as desired and trim carefully.

Now is also a good time to quilt the 6.5"X 6.5" bottom outer shell piece as well. Simply lay the fabric right side up on top of your batting, quilt, and trim..

Next, sew the ends of the long rectangular pieces, right sides together, to create a 'tube' of sorts. Do this for the the outer shell, and the lining. Now pin the outer quilted shell to the bottom quilted 6 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ square, right sides together! Repeat for the lining pieces as well.

Sew all the way around the edges..

It can get tricky. Just keep your pieces aligned, and go slow!!

You should have two almost finished basket pieces, that look like this..

Turn the outer shell right side out...

And turn the lining right side in..

Next, push the lining inside the outer shell basket. Line up the edges, & push in the corners. DO Not Stretch the fabrics, as this may cause warping. Set aside.

We're in the home stretch people! Pat yourself on the back ;D Yay!

Last we're going to attach the binding. It's just like binding a quilt, or mini, or mug rug etc... On this step it's a matter of preference. If you don't know how to attach a binding, there's a ton a great tutorials out there for that! To save time, And because I forgot to take photos of this step, I'll explain as best I can!

I attached my binding to the inside if the basket first, and used wonder clips to hold it place, around the perimeter. I folded in the ends of the binding, placed one inside the other & clipped it down. Then I sewed all the way around the edges..

Last I flipped the binding over the edge. Used wonder clips to hold it down, and machine stitched about an 1/8" from the edge of the binding. On the outside of the basket..

TADA!! One finished patchwork basket!!!

I hope you liked this tutorial!! Be sure to tag me on all your finished baskets, I'd love to see them all!! ;D