~the sewing room swap~

It's been such a long time since I've last blogged, hasn't it (about 2 months or so)? I'm not quite sure why time seems to get away from me. Though I have a sneaking suspicion, it may have something to do with this toddler of mine, pulling on me every minute of everyday ;D!

Newho, I wanted to share my latest project! It was for a flickr group called ~the sewing room swap~. SO FUN! We were each assigned a Secret Partner, and were making one big, and one small item , according to our partners wish list. Who was my partner?? WELL, I'll tell you! It turned out to be Wendi of Prsd4tim2! WOW! LOVE her work! She also happens to be Amanda's mother, of A Crafty Fox. Of which I've been a huge fan of for quite awhile now! Cool. You can imagine my excitement when I figured this out at the end of the project!

Back to the topic at hand. ..Off we went, making goodies for each other! Ready to see what I made for her? Thought so..

TADA!! I chose a sewing machine cover for my large item. I was so nervous making this piece. She had also wanted fabric baskets, but let's not go there! (YET-need practice :D) I couldn't ask any questions without risking giving away who my secret swap partner was. So I started stalking her photo stream. Reading all the threads to figure out what type of machine she had. Next I called around to local shops until I found one that carried it. Lastly, I had one of the representatives measure it (she was so sweet to do so), so I could have (roughly) the correct dimensions for it. I figured, if it doesn't fit, she can snip off the ribbons and make it a mini-quilt for her wall!

After all that, I drafted a pattern, including seam allowances, to get this cute piece sewn up. Whew. :D I did my absolute best in figuring out fabric pulls, patterns, and what quilting method to use. I'm fairly sure this has to be the most involved and forward-thinking project, I've ever had the pleasure of working on. The quilting part of this project alone, had me busy for days. But i LOVE the outcome, don't you?

Next was my small item. I chose a coordinating wonky star pincushion. See how cute it is?..

I love the idea of a ribbon tab, in case she wanted to hang it up. Secretly, I also wanted another way to use this tape measure ribbon I've had for awhile. Cute right? I hope you loved it Wendi ;D! I had the best time creating these items for you!!

Wanted to see what I received? Of course you do :D!..

Its a mini quilt and 2 tiny strawberry pincushions from Susi of  Lilla Luise!! Plus a few packages of gummy bears for Samy :D. All the way from Germany!! WOW!!! GERMANY? I've never even been out of the US, let alone out of the Country! This is special for me ;D. The amount of work that went into this mini, is absolutely breathtaking! Each fussy scene is stunning. So much so, it even had my DH staring, feeling, and examining every inch of this piece. (YES) Including the two tiny strawberries. Can I say AWWWESOME!

She even used my favorite fabric designer Anna Maria Horner. I really LOVE this package, and can't say enough wonderful things about it. Thanks SO Much Susi!!

Wasn't that fun?? Hopefully I won't be too much longer posting next time. But if I am, let me just send out a Huge Thank You and Tight Squishy Bear Hug to all of you who are following me! THANK YOU!!