4x5 Modern Quilt Bee

4x5 modern QUILT BEE

Before I forget, this started! I'm pretty excited about it ladies. This time around, I'm a Caretaker/Hive Mama. Hopefully it all goes well, fingers crossed, pressure HIGH. eek.. The Spring Round just filled up, but the Wait List is still available if you'd like to join ;D. Sign up!



One Seam Flying Geese Tutorial

I learned a new technique yesterday for making flying geese! Totally love this "new" method people. I already have another idea for this, but first I'm going to show you how to make this version. It's super easy, and I know your going to love it :). Alrighty, let's begin..


Cut One 3" x 5.5" Strip of your favorite printed fabric..

Cut Two 3" x 3" Squares of your background Fabric..

Grab One 3" x 3" Square and place it right side up..

Next, take your 3" x 5.5" printed strip and fold it in half. Wrong sides together, and position it on top of your 3" x 3" square..

Take your Second 3" x 3" square, and place it on top, right side down. Making sure the fold is at the TOP (facing away from you) of your stack..

Next, making sure your fold is facing away from you, sew a 1/4" seam along one side..

Now take your fabric and open one side of your stack, ironing it open.

Now the magic! Placing your finger between the printed fabric, open it up...

Finally, iron flat..

TADA! A One Seam Flying Geese Block..

Wasn't that easy??! The possibilities are truly endless here :). Here's what I did with mine..

I have some kinks to work out on the sashing and borders, otherwise I would have included a tutorial on putting this together. I'll be working on this today :).
There you have it! What are you going to do with your new One Seam Flying Geese?

Happy Sewing