Get Back To It

Hey People! After nursing myself back to health, I'm feeling much better these days. However, now my Baby Cakes and Huni are sick. Boo on that. They're in good spirits though, so it doesn't seem too bad.

In other news, I started working on a Samy quilt for Christmas awhile back..

With him and his Daddy sick, it's really slow going,..

..but I am making progress..

..and it's starting to take shape..

I think it's going to be really adorable by the time I get done. I have two more rows to sew on, which have proven to be so much harder than I had originally planned. I know I'm on the right track though, because Samy can't seem keep his hands off of it haha! Here's a sneak peek..

..hm, I also see a manicure in Samy's future ;). Ok, one more just because I liked this photo..

SO, almost done and I'm totally excited to show it off! So be sure to check back for the reveal. I'll be sure to share the inspirational tute I used, once I'm done as well. Now, It's time to get back to it!


Black Friday

Happy Black Friday Shopping Day (&/or weekend) People! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I enjoyed mine, even though I'm still sick. Major boo. This means no malls, no department stores, no eating out because I shopped till I dropped. BOOO. That doesn't mean I can't checkout online sales with my best buddy Samy and my newest best bud - good ol Mr Kleenex :p.

In the spirit of online shopping & Black Friday Sales, I have a sale of my own going on in my Shop. 20% off everything. Just use my coupon code BLKFRI during checkout. YAY!

I've also added Scrap Packs to my shop..

Scrap Packs ;D (stock photo)
 Let me thank you all in advance for your support! If you saw something before and it's no longer listed, please feel free to ask. I just may have more, but haven't had a chance to list it yet ;D. Happy Holidays, and have a great shopping day!!



It's All Good

Waking up yesterday with a sore throat, from what was supposed to be a restful nap, is not fun. Not fun. Today, the sore throat is still present, only now, I feel a cough is getting ready to join in all the fun. With Thanksgiving around the corner, & lots of prep work to do, -not to mention a certain someone's birthday- I am not a happy camper. Boo on that :(. So today, these are my best friends..

Mostly because this is what I have on hand. Hopefully Huni gets off early enough to make a trip to the grocery store today.
Newho, enough "sicky poo" talk. I don't have to much to share today. Other than the sore throat, I did happen to wake to some happy news. Look what I won from Katy over at I'm A Ginger Monkey..

YAY! It's a copy of the first book released from the Fat Quarter Shop  Gang! My dear friend Mary over at Handmade by Mary, sent me an email early this morning. What a sweetheart, Thanks Mary! Coincidentally, she also contacted me when I won this..

An eBook by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, from John over at  Quilt Dad. Woohoo!!
A HUGE Thank You goes out to everyone involved, for the opportunity to win these fantastic prizes ;D.
If  I don't feel to bad today, I know what I'd love to do *insert big wink here*. Meanwhile, I'll be flipping through the pages of my eBook.

Happy & Healthy Holidays Everyone!



Giveaway Winner!

WOW, have I been busy! Sewing Pyrex-ing Mother-ing Wifey-ing, you name I'm doing it. These last couple of days I've been playing with my Pyrex - they've felt neglected. Not good. I took a couple of photos, would you like to see them?? Of course you would! ..

VP Opal Pyrex Collection
VP Spacesavers Collection
SOO pretty :). I also have been sewing, but not as much I should have been..

A new winter blanket for Samy - almost done :)
Mug Rugs for my dear friend Renee :)
Quilt-As-You-Go first try :)
Plus a couple of other project's I have yet to photograph. It's been so much fun, I can't wait to get back to it!

We also need to announce the Giveaway Winner today via Random.org! Woot! Let's find out who that someone is. Ready? Drum roll please.....

Number 6 - Ms. M! Congratulations!! Be sure to send me your email, so we can work out the details ;D!
Thanks for playing everyone!!



Samurai Sword

Last weekend was interesting. I didn't get a chance to really sew my heart out like I planned. Mainly because my Hubby was using my sewing area. You heard right. Huni + Sewing = weird. I started to get everything ready, but was only able to create this..

A tortilla cozy. It's cute, it's practical, and I really wanted to cover up the ugly utility towel in the center.

Back to what I was talking about before. I kept wondering why Huni was asking questions. So after finding out what the what, I helped him along the way. Curious to see what he made? Check this montage of photos out (Apologies for the lousy photo's. I was on a secrete photography mission, as he didn't want me documenting him using my "girlie" things haha)..

After he a few complaints, redos, and having to stand my ground in not doing it for him, this is what he made..

Have you guessed what it is yet?

It's a Samurai Sword Carrying Bag! Men. Lol! After all the swearing, complaints, almost giving up and me having to encourage & cheer him on, he's totally proud of it! PLUS he has a whole new respect for my "girlie" sewing equipment. Too cool ;). What have the Loves of your life created with your quilting supplies?




I just hda to share my new try for the week. What is it you ask? Hexies!

These actually came together pretty quickly. Aside from the cutting (tedious for someone like me), I was so surprised at how easily these came together. Can't wait to show you what I'm creating with these!
..On With the Show..

I promised you a GIVEAWAY last week, and a giveaway is what we shall have. So what's up for grabs? Here we go..

Erin McMorris Summersault & Vintage Pink Pyrex ;D! I also shared with you last week, that I needed to destash (here).

Erin McMorrise - Summersault
Well here's a generous helping of gorgeous pinks! In my opinion, these are perfect for fall projects. There's almost half a yard per print (33inches give or take). Since I have pink fabric, I thought a piece of pink Pyrex would fit in nicely :).
Vintage 401 Pink Pyrex
Use it for fabric scraps, pins, or cereal. Whatever your sweet little heart desires. How can you get your hands on these puppies? Just leave me a comment saying you follow my blog, flickr, etc, and your in baby! No cheaters please, cuz cheaters are grody. Giveaway ends 12th of November @ midnight. Good Luck to All You Lovelies ;D


**Give away is now closed. Thanks for entering everyone!**


Fabric Love

After going through all my fabric yesterday, I noticed I had quite a little stash on my hands and I have more coming home. The stash needed some orgnaization in order to help me quickly find what I want, when I want it. October was quite a naughty spending spree apparently. While I had all this fantastic fabric sprawled out on my bed, I decided I'd take some photo's of each line. Ready for some fabric stack photo's? Here we go..

Mama Said Sew - Tangled Threads in Apple &
Pinking Shears in Apple

Erin McMorris - Park Slope & Summersault

Robert Kaufman - Dr Suess & Metro Circles

Amy Butler - Wallflower Lotus 

Tim & Beck - Oodles & Creative Thursday - In Stitches

Joel Dewberry - Heirloom

Dena Designs - Mirage Taza

Moda - Half Moon

Khristian A Howell - Fizz
Sweetwater - Johnny Jacks

Aneela Hoey - Sherbert Pips

Dear Stella-Confetti Dot

Michael Miller - Ropes & ...

Laura Gunn - Painters Canvas
 ..and my absolute favorites, totally in love, hope to get my hands on some more really really soon, and head over heels for..
Heather Ross - Mendocino & Lightning Bugs

Lizzy House - Pearl Bracelets
Designer wishes & fabric dreams everyone! Stay tuned for an upcoming GIVEAWAY ;D.