New Happs

OMG has it been busy around here! So busy, I barely have any time to log on. Boo! Well, I'm here now! 

First and foremost, My SamyCakes turned 3 in May! 3!!! Where did the time go? He's talking, going tinkle in the RR, and all kinds of things. WOW. I'm blown away! SO much is just different now.

Second, what do you all think of my new banner? I have a bad habit of making them huge, but I'll work on that later! For now, I love it :D. Two of my favorite things are in there. Echino and Friendship Vintage Pyrex. How could I say no?

I've also been sewing away. LOTS & LOTS of sewing people! Which also means lots and lots of destash shopping for fabrics. I can't keep up. That's a good thing though, right? Let me show you a couple of my projects. Ready?

Ok, First up are my pillow covers for Pillow Talk Swap.

PTS 10 for Chelsie
I was so nervous about making her cover! WOrring about whether I'd do a good enough job. But turns out I had a great Partner! Chelsie :D. She made me the best cover and put together the best package!


Fabulous, right! I LOVE this pillow cover! Chelsie even included an inflatable airplane for my SamSam! So Sweet! He's napping with it right now!  

Then I received word about a mistake. Uh-Oh! I was going to be receiving TWO pillow covers. WOW, 2?? Well, Here's the second one I received..

From Chrissy! (I LOVE that name btw!) Absolutely gorgeous as well! And all of those fabrics? Awesome. How lucky was I this round?

Well, I ended up feeling so terrible about the whole thing, that it only felt right to become an Angel for the girl who had been accidentally overlooked. So, I volunteered, and made her this cover..
PTS 10 for Hanna

And this needle book..

also for Hanna
I really hope she loved them! Next up are my blocks for my Sew.Quilt.Give. Charity Bee for Ramona..

:D. Road-trip Blocks! They were all improv blocks, but I think I did ok!

Then I had a sudden urge to create something totally different, after watching a couple of Anna Maria Horner videos. SOO In LOVE with this girls fabrics! Totally hooked! I was so inspired, I created my very own, first mini wall quilt..

I used her feather pattern for the center block, machine embroidered the boarder around it, and pieced the rest. I Love how it turned! See --> :D

I have many more projects I'm working on, but I'll have to get back to you on that! So, If you'd like to see what I'm working on, feel free to join one ..or all of my social media sites! Don't forget to drop a line and say HI!