Fauxdori Tutorial

Fauxdori. What is that you ask? Well it's basically a travel journal based off of a Japanese Madori leather journal. They're gorgeous! Anywho, It's piece of material covering your paper booklet insert. You can jot down your thoughts, take it with you when you travel, record memories, scrapbooking, ..whatever your little heart desires. 
After a few inquires to share the way I made my first fauxdori, this one..

I figured I'll just write up a quick tutorial for those of you who want to make one! So here we go.


You need:

2 pieces of fabric, 1 1/4" larger than your travelers notebook insert(s), on all sides. Usually 3 notebooks are used at once.

Fusible interfacing (your choice)

Wonder Under Heavy duty


1a. Now is the time to piece your fabric for a scrappy look, hand quilt, embroider, or even embellish your top piece of fabric. You can also add a elasticized pen loop, or even a loop and button for a closure in the center. This will be on my next piece ;).

1b. Fuse one fabric piece to the interfacing. Top or bottom, your choice. *Next time I'll fuse to the bottom when doing a scrappy look! Please follow the instructions on your box. You can do both, it just depends on how sturdy you'd like it to be. Remember, your going to fold it over, so you don't want it too hard! I like mine a bit soft.

Then fuse the same piece to Wonder Under webbing. Trim. DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING YET!

2. Place your fabrics right sides together. 

3. Sew all four sides leaving about a 3" opening along the bottom for turning. 

4. Carefully remove the backing for the double side webbing. Do not pull on the threads!

5. Turn inside out. 

6. Iron flat. Remember you have a double sided webbing in between! So use the manufacturers instructions, & make sure it adheres properly.

7. Sew an 1/8" seam along the edge, making sure you catch the opening along the bottom. You can do two seams here if desired. My first had double top seams, this one only has one. 
Add your grommets where desired. I added mine to the spine -two on the top, one in the center, and two on the bottom. Which I forgot to photograph -so here's a photo of one I found on IG.

8. Thread your elastic -lots of good tutorials are available on You Tube! Just search Fauxdori DIY, and your golden! 

TADA! Your done! 

All you need to do now is insert your notebooks, and your ready to scrapbook or journal! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm more than happy to help!