Christmas Dinner

THIS JUST IN.. I just ran into some nice mans jeep.  :(  My truck wouldn't stop, it just kept on sliding no matter which way I turned those wheels. Stupid icy parking lot. I'll deal with that later.

In happier news, I am going to share our Christmas dinner. It was all last minute planning. Let me say Thank You to all of you who supported my little Shop and made this Christmas possible.SO here we go..

Our Christmas Dinner in Vintage Holiday & Opal Pyrex

Roasted Pepper Duck in a VP Poinsettia Pyrex Casserole and cradle
(which wasa missing a leg because Samy Boy couldn't wait ;D)

Raw Vegetable Salad in a VP Golden Pine SS

Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes in a VP Opal Bowl

Sauteed Onions and Jalapenos in my late Grandmothers China
(she would have loved that ;D)

Samy's Plate ;D

Our Plate w/a glass of Wine ;D

There you have it! It was so delish, and we had such a great time! Now to plan our New Years Dinner Menu ;D. Happy Holidays Everyone!


PB Rainbow ..sweeet..

I almost forgot! I received my Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet Rainbow Bundle a few days back, and totally forgot to post them. Boo on that! So here's a quick post of the photos..

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed that, hehe! Now what to make with beauties. I'm trying to get a couple of family requested projects done for now. Maybe I can finally tackle my Weekender?? Oooo scaaary, but not really ;D! I'll be back tomorrow to share our Christmas dinner.




Happy Day-After-Christmas everyone! Wow was that a long super-fun and happy weekend, wasn't it? We of course didn't get to see anyone, but we did manage get in some face-time with Samy and the in-laws. It turned out almost great. Little did we know Samy was coming down with a fever, so he wasn't himself. Never the less, he's much better now, and everyone enjoyed seeing the SamyCakes :D.

I have so much to share, but there is one thing I'm most excited about. I'll share the rest throughout the week/weekend. Lets get started ;D.

The one big thing about this holiday weekend for me, was finishing off Samys' Blanket before Christmas. If you follow me on one of the social media sites to your left, you know I've been working on this. I've also been teasing everyone with photos every now and again. Ready to see it? Well, I'm ready to show it off! HERE IT IS..

TADAAA! Lol HOLY MOLEY was this a project for me. No real space to get that baby to move in the right direction, it was SO heavy. I used cotton duck fabric, batting, and an old soft light weight blanket for the backing. Which made it really thick, and really hard to move through my machine. Luckily I never broke a needle. So, after having the tute saved for so many months, and after a couple of swaps to get these adorable Robert Kaufman Dr Seuss fabrics -I started out making the bunting..

..then started sewing this cutie together...

..and plenty of do-overs came with this blanket too, oh my goodness! Mostly because I decided I could do it without following all the directions :p. Oh Brother..

After picking out flaws with my seam ripper, hemming uncaught areas, closing up mitered corners, broken nails, and a few cuss words, I had done it! I DID IT! I FINISHED IT!! Which called for a huge glass of Chianti!

I Love It!     Huni Loves It!..

Most importantly, SAMY LOVES IT!

My inspiration for this blanket came from Nova over at A Cuppa And A Catch Up, from her Peek-A-Boo-Bunting Tutorial. That has got to be the most adorable idea ever. Not to mention how much we adore Dr Seuss over here! Thanks for the inspiration Nova ;D

Happy Holidays Everyone!



HEY Busy Holiday Month!

Hi all! I'm finally back again, and I wow have I missed you all! It's been crazy around here with holiday preparations. I'm sure everyone can understand. Let us get started on what has been going on in my neck of the woods, shall we? Well, Lets' start with a HUGE Thank You to all of my wonderful supporting Pyrex Family! I can't thank you enough for all your support yet again! I truly appreciate all the blessings, well wishes, and warm comments. It's beyond anything I could have ever expected, I love you guys ;D. THANK YOU!

Let's talk fabric! I've finally been receiving bundles I'd ordered before all the craziness. Oh am I ever excited you guys! Here are some photos of the ones I've received..

Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids
Gosh I love a rainbow! These are the perfect set to go with any and all the projects I have in mind. Gorgeous!

City Stitches ColorWheel Swap-Various fabric selections
I was so excited when I received this color wheel people! It's awesome! I can't wait for the next round! Thank You Megan!!
Next is the one I had been checking my box for almost everyday..

Lizzy House 50 Fat Eighths Bundle
I'll wait till the Ooos' and Aahhhs' subside...               ...OK, SOOO Pretty right!?! I hope alot more of you we're able to snatch a pack during the second offer! I'm beside myself! I haven't decided which pattern I'm going to use for these beauties, but it will have to be something spectacular spectacular!! I have one more bundle I'm waiting for, but that baby will have it's own spacial spotlight when it gets here ;)

Moving on to a couple of projects I sneaked in while BabyCakes was sleeping..

Scrappy Coasters 
More Scrappy Coasters
These were an experimental sewing project. On their way home to my Sister and Renee!
More projects I've done...

Christmas Door Hanging
 No tutorial for this one, but it was inspired by a similar burlap version I picked up while thrifting.

Reindeer Noses Candy Package
..an idea I got from pinterest while scroll through photos. No photo of the finished product though, sorry about that! They're packaged and ready to be sent to my nieces :). ..

Reindeer baby feet Christmas Cards
My most favorite, funnest, and happiest project so far this month! Thanks Huni for your help and fun-ness!, and Thank You Samy for providing the most adorable feet ever! The Reindeer Baby Feet Stamp was another idea from Pinterest, and the sewing details was my own :).

SO there you have it! Some of things I've been up to lately this month. Samy's Christmas blanket is one row from being done, so I'll have a post on that really soon. Most of my other sewing projects are currently on hold. Mostly because I'm busy tending to my Pyrex & Shop sales --> again, THANK YOU ALL!! More will be posted after Christmas ;).
Once the craziness of Christmas is over, I'll be back in the sewing saddle again! (Hopefully I can sneak in a project or 2 or 3 or 4 in secret hehe) What have you all been up to during the busy season? Leave me your blog, flickr, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc addresses so I can hop on over and be inspired!



A Deeper Meaning

After last nights post, I felt like a weight had been lifted. I guess I just needed to voice it all. We are facing those issues, but in light of the holidays and remembering past Christmas celebrations with family ..I got to thinking of a deeper meaning.
Christmas 2011
Both my Husband and I haven't been with our families for the holidays since last summer. Our jeep gave out then, and it's just been hard trying to get the funds for a flight home. After thinking about that for awhile, I wondered if all the stress we're facing seems harder since we're here alone. So much has happened over the past few years. After having Samy, things seems as if they're trying to get better.
Samy. His is a whole other story.
What I'm thinking is.. ..given all that has been going on lately, and how hard we're fighting for each other. I wondered if we'd be happier moving closer to our families. Now, we're being pulled by both sides to go back. In all honesty, we've discussed this in the past and have both agreed it's not something either of us are ready to do. We've made our own life here. We feel independent, and proud we've come so far on our own. I personally have always wanted our own life in a place where other's couldn't "interfere". I wanted to be able to say 'Look what we have accomplished on our own, isn't it wonderful?'. We have. We've done it several times. Now I'm at a place where it seems ..pointless. Yes, we love it here. Yes, we want to stay. YES, I want this to be Samy's home. It IS his home! He was born here. Given all that's going on, we're happy, this is what we want! And though I don't want either family to interfere with how we have chosen to live, how we have decided to raise our only Son, what we deem valuable in our lives, our personal decisions about ANYthing, or any kind of controlled manipulation of a relationship that is rightly OURS. I have come to a crossroad commanding a decision.

Samy.What's best for him? He won't know the true meaning of family. I love our families. I always have, and that will never change. No matter what wrongs they, or we have done to each other. I know he will grow to be a good honest and hardworking Man, even if we never go back. These are values which are important to us, as so many other parents out there.
I just don't have it in me to keep fighting it anymore. ..I do feel as though I'm giving in to something I don't want. But if I look at the greater scheme of things, it's what needs to be done. I'm afraid of what might happen. It's always in the back of mind. The manipulation, the gossip, the little hurts which may happen. However, I don't truly know that's how it will go down. It's our family. They simply want to be there. Who are we to deny them that joy? It's times like these that we remember them. It's times like these we miss them. It's times like these, that we wish we were all together. How will Samy know that kind of Love, if he's not exposed to it? LOVE. It's the greatest lesson you can bestow on our children. Our Child. Our Samy.

With Love in My Heart,