Hi everyone!
It's been such a long time since my last post! I really do miss it!!
SO, it's true. We have recently decided to move. So many things have happened leading us to this decision. And though we love where we are, it's all for the best. I'm really looking forward to our new bright and happy future! I have a long month ahead of me. Lots and lots of packing, cleaning, setting up in our new home etc etc. UGH (I hate moving)!! BUT, the good news is we'll be setup for at least another three years once we finally get everything organized.
My shop will re-open in July, and all my current projects, trades & swaps will be postponed till then also.
Do feel free to contact me via email or flickr, if you have any questions or concerns. I'll do my best to reply to each and every one of you. I'll also be keeping up with my flickr account as best I can during all this -because I love seeing all those new photos & well frankly- I love you guys!!
Until July my lovies!!! ;D
Best Wishes,