Felicity Needle-Books

Well, I have to admit I'm not the best blogger in the world. My time, these days, are mostly spent with Samy. He's actually sitting right next to me right now. Lol. Clearly he's not receiving the attention he's thinking he's entitled to ;D Silly willy. That being said, I don't blog nearly as much as I want.

Moving on, I wanted to share my fairly new sewing project. If you follow me on any of my social media sites (to your right), you know I've been making countless needle-books using Amy's of nanaCompany needle-book tutorial. I sent them out as part of swap packages and gifts. Well, this was MY, very own, first needle-book version..

 ..Cute Right? Born out of mere accident. I had the stitch-itch, and just wanted to sew. ..something..anything.. Starting out as a mug-rug, next morphing into a checkbook cover - because the dimensions were wrong. Then, out of no where, I cut it in half, sewed the open end closed, and thought hmm. This would make a wonderfully sized needle-book
Before you know it, I was adding wool felt pages, fabric stamps, ribbon ties, and..

TA-DA! The second one was born. I found myself carrying it around all over the apartment. Then *ting*. Yet another epiphany! I thought, i should add a loop. ..Or better yet.. a Grommet!..

Well that worked out splendidly! Now it's portable too. Well lucky me, I felt, because a few people (whom I've admired for such a long time) wanted to swap with me. YAY! This is one I made for Jessica of Euphoria..

..and another for Kelly of  kelbysews..

(with matching looped pincushions - for portability) Aren't they pretty? I've nearly perfected it. Here's my latest version (for myself)..

..which was created to match that beautiful pincushion Kelly made for me. Gorgeous!

So, if your wanting one, and just don't get around to making one for yourself. I have a listing up in my SHOP!

Happy Sewing ;D