Where O Where has my little blog gone?

Is the month of September almost over already??
Wow, where does the time go? It seems every time I have wanted to sit down and blog my little heart away, something else came up. So where have I been?

First and foremost, I was cleaning, packing, and moving. Downsizing from a 4 Bedroom 2.5 Bath Single Family Home into a 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Apt was ..challenging to say the least. I'm very happy to have gotten through it alive haha. Next of course there was settling into our new cozy home. Another challenge, but very satisfying to have accomplished it! There are some things I have left to finesse around here, but over all, it's coming along nicely :D. In between all of this, the only thing keep me from going bonkers, was knowing I had my Pyrex and Sewing areas to set up!
I have pretty much let go of the Pyrex Trading game ..for now. Sad ..I know.  This tiny place is already exploding Vintage Pyrex, so more would not be a great idea. I was also informed that the front office personnel takes no responsibility for any packages they receive for me. No notice, no calls, nothing, and I felt it was best to cut back. For the volume of packages I received, it would be insane for me to go down there every other day and haul packages up to my second floor apartment. I should mention, I'm a stay at home Moma of a 2yr old -SamyCakes -who has just entered his "terrible-twos" stage :P. However, I will be opening my Etsy Shop soon and continue selling off my lovely extra pieces. It'll take a bit longer to get the new inventory photographed and up, but I'll be sure to announce it ;D.

As for my sewing ventures, that's one thing I'd like to concentrate on now. I was lucky enough to be part of the 8th Vintage Sheet Swap from a flickr group called Vintage Sheet Patchwork Swap this past month! -It was hosted by Colleena Mareena, an amazing person to know! Be sure to check out here website colleenamareena. -I received some amazing FQ's! Take a look..

Gorgeous right?? I loved everything about this package! Want to see what I sent in?? Sure you do!..

Cute right!
Oh btw, this is the part where I'm supposed to mention how my fantastic Hunibee helped me cut these up :D!! 80 VS FQ's are so much work to prepare, and lucky for me Huni was sweet enough to jump right in!
I also have these available for purchase from my Etsy Shop if your interested. All you have to do is contact me via email, and I can set it right up for you ;).

Last but not least, I was also involved in a personal swap with Mary Emmens of by Mary . Whom sent me the most amazing VS's, take a gander at these beauties..

This is Mary's photo by the way!

..and here's what she chose..

Turns out she linked her post Here of our swap, and it was a hit :). SWEET ;D!!

SOoo, that's the jist folks! I hope you all enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed typing it up for you all ;D. Have a great week, and we'll see you all soon!