Cherished AMH Voile Quilt

There's a project I've been dying to share with you all. If you follow me on any of my social media sites, you may have notice I made a AMH Voile quilt a while back.

I started with some squares Kelly of Kelbysew sent me last year for a swap we did. Let me just say, voile is something I've never sewn with. I heard stories of the material being really slippery and hard to handle.

My experience yielded a completely different opinion. The fabric was slick, but I had no issues with it slipping out of place. In fact, it went beautifully! Really quick. Never mind I was working with my absolute favorite fabric designer, and of course I thought the fabrics were gorgeous!

Before I knew it, I had the squares sewn together and I was basting away! It went so quickly, the next thing I knew I was quilting my gorgeous project. Talk about excited!

Then Viola!!!

Isn't it gorgeous?! I was so in love with this quilt, that I took it with me on our road trip back home to TX. It happened to be Mother's Day weekend, which so happened to also be my birthday!

I arrived at my Moma's home, we hugged, we chatted, we cried. It had been over 2 very long years since I had last seen her, or my sisters. It was so wonderful to spend both Mothers Day and my Birthday with my family. Best and most memorable Birthday I have ever had!

Well guess what happened then? This..

My cherished & very first Anna Maria Horner voile quilt, now lives with my Moma. Really miss this beauty, but I'm so happy I had a chance to share this with someone I love! Guess I better get to making another one!