Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I'm so happy to share my pillow cover with you all today. If you follow me on any of the apps I have to the left of your screen (don't forget to look me up ;D), you know I finally finished my Spider Web Pillow cover. Now it's not traditional Halloween colors, but I'm not much for Halloween anyway. But in the spirit of the holiday, and it being a "Spider Web" block, I thought it was fitting. Here it is..

Spider Web Pillow Cover

TADAA!! It's not perfect, but for me and my skillz, it's perfect ;D. This particular project was a bit scary for me. Lots and lots of firsts. For one, trying my hand at the stripy look, another - tryin the spiderweb block..

..first time I try quilting a continuous square (which was hard for me :p)..

..my first time trying my hand at embroidery floss..

..and my first time trying a pillow cover..

It turned out great! Talk about a confidence booster ;D. If you'd like to try this out, Here are the links for the tutes I used.. {House} A La Mode for the spiderweb block, and Sew Mama Sew for the pillow cover.
What was your first??

Happy Halloween, Have Fun, & Be Safe!


Grey Weather

It's grey, it's chilly, and I feel like bundling up next to my Janome and sewing away. I needed a few more replacement supplies, so I was off to a sewing store near me - Samy in-hand. He got his usual 'he's so cute!' compliments, as he walked by the ladies. Melting hearts with his charming little smile ;) -he really is cute, just sayin'! Here's a shot of my little..

See, cute :). And I'm happy to have my supplies ready for todays projects..

YAY! The ruffler's a generic, but it might work. I test drove it, and it seems to still be a bit tall for the presser bar but it worked. Should I be concerned about that? Maybe I should call and find out? Even so, I still can't believe I found a Mom & Pop Shop that carried these items. I went to one other shop before, but the service lacked in courtesy. Very important to me. Newhoo, Great shop, No shipment to wait for - AWESOME! So now I have almost everything to start my Weekender Travel Bag by Amy Butler, among other projects in waiting. I also received more fabulous fabric..

Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet & Robert Kaufman Metro Living Circles

Moda Half Moon Scissors
Yep, more Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet, because I'm totally addicted to it. Robert Kaufman Metro Living Circles, because it's sweet, and Moda Half Moon Scissors -which is also cool. Now how in the world am I ever going to choose the fabrics I should use for my bag? Hm..

Can't forget about my Pyrex! I finally completed my Pink Gooseberry Fridgie set..

Thanks to one of my Facebook Pyrex trading buddies -Katherine! Now all I need are the lids. I love this set, it's so pretty, and you know how I love me some pink ;). Now, off to work on my grey weather sewing projects! The End.

Veronica ;D


Busy Little Bee

I've been a busy little bee trying out new sewing techniques. Finally had the chance to dip my toes into some patterns I've loved and had wanted to try for quite some time. These projects turned out pretty good. Especially since it was my first time on all of these. Here we go..

Pretty isn't it? It's a Spider Web Block. I used this tute from {House} of A La Mode. "Easy Peasy" as Heather says ;D. I need to work on getting those seams to match up :), but over all it's adorable! I also made my first Mug Rug..

No tute on this one, but I've seen them all over flickr. I used the scraps from my Spider Web block, and some left over linen from another project (which still needs work). Linen is a really hard fabric for me to work with, as it shifts a lot. I really love the organic feel it has. I just had to use it :). Last but certainly not least, was this little number..

A Cathedral Window pin cushion :), using this tute from My Go-Go Life. Now this little bugger was not necessarily hard, but it was tricky for me. I've been wanting to try this pattern out for a future project. A pin cushion was perfect. Couple of tips if you decide to try it.. take your time with this one. The curves for me were a bit hard to hold, in place. Even with pins. You want to stitch as close to the edge of the fold as possible. Also make sure your fabric is tucked in really nice, even if it means including it in the curve fold. You have to make sure you capture the fabric. Otherwise it'll pop out of the seams, and there's really no way to tuck it back in without having to use your seam ripper and doing it again. Not Good :p. One other thing, make sure you have your decorative button ready OR risk seeing your center seams! I had no cute button and was sad to photograph this one without her jewelry.
Well there you go! My cute tiny projects :). What have you been wanting to try??



When the Cat's Away..

Well, my Huni is long gone ...off on his hunting trip I mean. That means it's just me and my Samycakes for the next few days to fend for ourselves. We'll miss him so much while he's gone :(.

So what will I be up to while he's gone? ..when the Cats away, the Mice will play!
First things first.
It seems it's been such a long time since I've post a photo of Pyrex. I finally took one of my last two trades..

Beautiful beautiful Pyrex! I got these from a couple of wonderful Pyrex-Trading Facebook friends -Katherine, who sent me the 441 Snowflake Garland & the 403 Friendship. Love them!! And Jocelyn, who sent me the Black 503. Love it!! These two ladies are fantastic people ;D. Not because they sent me some awesome Pyrex Goodness, but because they were sooo sweet & were so patient with these last two trades of ours! Believe me, they were phenomenal-I was moving at the time. Thank You Ladies!! Next..

Progress! Only four more rows to go on my VS quilt, whew. It is so hard to sew with Samy (who's 2yrs old btw), trying to push the foot pedal in an attempt to help :p. Oh brother. I put in his favorite move (Wall*E), gave him a handful of strawberries, rushed back to my sewing table, and got my FQs cut for the Color Wheel Swap also..

YAY! Aren't they cute all bundled up like that? I think they will work, and I can't wait to see what I get back :B. Finally, I got this baby in..

Oh Yeah. This will be my very first attempt at a bag. I'm pretty intimidated! Especially after seeing all those beautiful bags popping up at the Sewing Summit. Totally inspiring. Of course I didn't make it to the Sewing Summit this year, but I was with you all in spirit! (and totally stalking everyone on instagram!) None the less, I have the pattern, I have my fabrics chosen, now all I need are the cojones!

Any projects you're doing which need a fair amount of cojones?? Wish me Luck ;D



Berry Shades

Apartment living sure is diferent than the single family home I'm used to. Turns out my business cards are here. They sat up at the front office for nearly a week, but at least they were safe :). I'm trying out a new design for now. Think they came out pretty cute..

Half of my fabric stack came in for the Color Wheel Swap as well! Totally gorgeous in person! These are the ones I'm sending in..

I was assigned red-"of all the colors in all the world". It's one of my favorites ;D. I just had to include an extra Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet for myself also (teehee). What's a girl supposed to do? Just keep shopping right past it??..

Totally in love with them :B. I can't wait for the other half to be home, Eeeek!
Now just to pick up my turbo-tiny totally unorganized sewing area...

What a mess, and way to small -really. I miss my own sewing room :(. BUT good things to come later on!
I also got flowers from my Handsome Hubby ;D..

Aren't they adorable? He's going away on a hunting trip this weekend, so we'll be missing him.
I guess I'll have to spend my time sewing ..and shopping for sewing supplies. Darn! Hm.. Berry shades seem to be my color this week, LOVE that! What are you doing this weekend??




I've been obsessing about the Sewing Summit that happened in Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend! Literally ob-ses-sing folks! I stalked the Instagram, nad just about all of my favorite bloggers who went!
I didn't get to go this year, as I was 4 measly hours shy and they sold out. BOO on that! But you better believe I'll be there next year!

As I was pouring over all those photos, swags, and prizes, out came all of my sewing supplies and away I went! I was able to get the first 1/3 of my quilt top done..

..and then Samy came in :P! Lol! Hungry and ready for lunch. We had to make a trip to the fabric store anyway, so we made our way out the door for lunch..

He was one happy camper, look at that smile haha!! Here's what I had..

Mexican Lime Grilled Talapia

Tasty! Now that everybodys' belly was full, off we went to the fabric store! Would you believe I showed up during a 50% off sell?? WOOHOO!! I also had a gift card I'd been itching to use. After a little looking around, I decided to get me some decent fabric scissors. Now, I've never had anything but the walmart plastic handle type, so forgive me -but these are AWESOME..

Gingher spring-action shears! Oooooo!! Now these are dressmaker shears, and I'll probably Never-ever make any type of clothing, but these babys' cut through fabric like BUTTA!!! I LOVE them!

Hopefully I can get back to sewing, and I can get some items done for next years Sewing Summit Eeek! So Thank You Sewing Summit for lighting a fire under my bum, so I can be ready for next year!

OH! I've also been cleaning up my blog. Have you noticed?? Pretty cute so far I think :). A little more work and I'll be the happy camper ;D!



Giveaway Winners!

Today's the day when we find out who my first two Winners are!

Alrighty! Our first winner is. Drumroll please (or just imagine a drumroll sound)..

#4! Wylee Hannemann

Our Second winner is..

#2! Liz Taylor

Congratulations Ladies!! I'll be intouch via email a bit later this afternoon!

Thank You to everyone who entered!



Stuck @ Home

Home. Again. My old 76 Chevy Pickup wouldn't start up this morning for the millionth time because of the cold weather. That means no errands, no groceries, no doc appointmernts. Nothing gets done. Grrrr! These are the days I do not like people. 

 After walking around my apartment in circles (upset), I started snapping a few shots as to what I've been up to so far this week. Just get a bit of perspective on what needs to be done around here. So after the snapshots of my dirty dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc etc. I noticed a few things I've been working on, and it made me smile. Wanna see?

 READY -Set -Go!

Reorganized my VS FQs

Reorganized my VS Pillowcases
(the girl from ipanema tune comes to mind here)

Left over Ceviche, YUM

Fiddled with possible fabric choices
Reorganized my sewing corner

Laid out my first quilt top in what seems to be months!

Added more Pyrex to my China Hutch

After messing around with all my favorite things, the day wasn't so bad after all :D. I just needed to remind myself of all the things I love when I choose to be home!
Happy Days To You All!!



Wonder Women

Guess what I did over the weekend? Got my Etsy Shop up and running, WoopWoop! Ok maybe it didn't really deserve a "woopwoop", but I was in the moment so there it is. My entire collection of vintage sheets are ready for purchase for all you sewing-quilting-project making Wonder Momas out there ;D.

Speaking of these Wonder Women, I got to thinking. Now if I could just get myself to turn into a Wonder Moma when needed, all my projects would be done in a flash! BUT let's get realistic. I'm no where near becoming a Wonder Moma people! I'm a First-time Moma, with no idea on how you even begin becoming one.

I have a lot of respect for those Ladies. You know the type. Up at the crack of dawn, squeezes in a quick workout, showers, gets dressed and looking beautiful before breakfast, then COOKS breakfast, feeds the family, cleans up, dresses the children, sends everybody off to work/school with a shower of kisses, goes to work, after work picks up the kids from school, comes home & cooks supper, cleans up, makes sure the children's school work is done, squeezes in some quality time for each and every member of the family -with another dose of kiss showers, gets them all ready for bed, showers, and calls it a day. WHEEEW!! It's tiring just thinking about it. RESPECT!

Not at ALL how MY day goes. I'm lucky to be out of bed by 8am, dragging my dead tired body to my bathroom to freshen up, stumble to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone, throw dishes at the dishwasher, start it up, bathe & dress my Samy, and finally have a chance to shower, slap on some war paint, jump start my brain (with Starbucks if I'm lucky), and get my day started.

My Moma was a Single Mother raising 4 -that's right FOUR Girls, had TWO Jobs, and still got everything done around the house. How could I not respect a woman who can carry a load like that? My Grandmother -she had NINE children. Nuff said. I LOVE that Woman. If it weren't for these Women, I would not be the Lady I am today. I attribute all my good characteristics and values to these two wonderful Women ;D

This family thing is serious business folks. Sure you can take shortcuts, but I'm the type who feels like I'm short-changing my family if I do so. There must be some kind of support group for that, right? Newhoo!

Heres' to You Wonder Momas!

Veronica A.M.

PS.I'm also planning on listing alot of vintage Pyrex to my Shop.