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This end of summer thing proved to be a difficult time in trying to get my sewing goals accomplished. With the start of school for Samy, and this being his first year -Kinder!, it's been a whirl wind of experiences for him, my hubbs David, and I. 
However, in the midst of all that craziness, I managed to set some time aside and go through photos on Instagram. As I scrolled through, and tapped hearts for everything I loved, I started noticing patterns..

....and as I noticed the patterns I noticed just how my inspirations affected my work..




...and every single time, I can up with something even better..

So if you ever feel stuck, remember. No matter how long it takes to get your next project started, inspiration..

..will come to you ;D

*this a message from your friendly neighborhood quilter. now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Bear Paw Block Tutorial

Excuse me while I blow the dust off of my keyboard, and swipe the cobwebs from my monitor. ..ehem..
I've missed you all so much! All this new school year business had me busy for at least a month. Not to mention catching up on swaps, orders (so exciting!) ...basically summer in general. How was everyone's summer holiday? I'll miss the summer season, but I have to admit. I'm over the hot weather. All I want to do is feel the cool breeze of fall, watch the leaves turn, and start prepping for the holidays. I'm hoping it's going to be wonderful with lots of good times. Instead of the usual frantic rush we tend to go though every year. 

Today I have a tutorial for you. There have been a few questions about the dimensions for my bear paw block, and how I put it together. It's a 12.5"x12.5" block, and instead of sending out individual directions, I thought a tutorial might be helpful. I understand there are plenty of tutorials out there, but for those of you who would like my direction, I've put it together for you. It's a fairly long tutorial, so be sure to read through this, and get ready for a little elbow grease before you begin. Ready?

Printed Fabrics; 
 EIGHT 2 5/8" squares (or 16 for the scrappy version)
 FOUR 4" squares
 ONE 2" square for center
*for the scrappy look I'm doing here, you'll need a different fabric for each printed fabric square. You will have some HST's left over! Which can be used for your other blocks. Pretty great since they'll be ready to go ;D.

Background Fabrics;
 EIGHT 2 5/8" squares (or 16 for the scrappy version)
 FOUR 2 5 3/4" rectangles
 FOUR 2 1/4" squares

First you will need to construct a series of Half Square Triangle Units (HST), then construct the paw blocks, and finally combine these for one complete 12.5" c 12.5" SQ Bear Paw Block.

Let's begin with the HST blocks. It's pretty basic, and there are tons of blogs, you tube videos, etc featuring how to make them. This is just how I go about it. 

HST Units:
1. Grab one 2 5/8" printed fabric square. Flip it wrong side up. Using an acrylic ruler and a fabric pen/pencil, draw a diagonal line across the center from the top corner to the opposite bottom corner of your fabric square

2.  Place one marked 2 5/8" square print fabric, and one 2 5/8" back ground fabric, right sides together (RST). 

3. Making sure your pieces are perfectly aligned, sew a 1/4" seam on either side of your drawn center line

4. Cut the square in half down the drawn center line.  

5. You should now have two triangles. Open the two pieces, flip over, and finger press the seams open. Be careful not to stretch your fabrics, as this could distort your squares.

6. Turn right side up, using an acrylic ruler, trim to 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" squares. Making sure your seam stays centered.

You now have 2 HST units. Yay!! Repeat for a second set!
*for a scrappy look, you'll need to make 3 additional HST units, making sure each printed square is a different fabric. Remember, you'll have left over HSTs.

Once you have your HST's ready, you will also need a 2 1/4" square background fabric square, and a 4" printed fabric square. 

Bear Paw Units:
1. Grab two HSTs' and your 2 1/4" background fabric square. Make sure your HSTs are layed out with the printed fabric triangles at the bottom. Pointing down and to your Right. Your background square should be to your right of both HSTs

2. Using a 1/4" foot (be as precise as possible), sew these three squares together, side by side, in a row. Open your sections, and finger press the seams open. *You can use an iron, but be careful to Press and not Iron your squares. The ironing motion can distort your HST, as they're cut on the bias.

3. Take another pair of HST. This time, place them with the printed fabric at the bottom, but pointing to your Left. Sew together, open your sections and press seams open

4. Now take one 4" printed square piece, and your 2 HST strips, and lay them out with the 3 HST strip on the top, and the 2 HST strip on your right. Pay attention to the direction of your points!

5. Flip your double HST unit strip on top of your 4" square, RST, lining up the right side. Stitch together

Open and finger press your seam open.

6. Take your 3 piece HST strip above your newly pieces block, flip it over and on top of it. RST. Lining up your seams. Stitch. 

Open your sections, flip over and finger press your seams open. 

Viola! You now have a single bear paw block! Repeat for the remaining 3 bear paws.

You'll need a total of 4 bear paws for this block. Once these are ready, the assembly is pretty easy. Take a short break, grab a cup of tea or soda or cup of coffee, and we'll finish this right up! I'll be right here waiting for you....

...Ready? Let's get this baby finished!

After your paws are sewn together, layout your units and remaining pieces in a set of 3 rows like this.. (Apologies for the lack of contrast here!)

Be sure your paying attention to the direction of your paws this time.

1. Begin with the top row, left paw block, and sew this to the center rectangle background fabric piece. Then stitch that section to the last bear paw block on your right

Repeat for the remain two rows..

They should look like this..

2. Press the seams for the first and third rows outward towards the paws. Press the seams for the center row inward towards the center 2" block. Then sew these rows together. Top row to center row, making sure to nest your seams when you get to the centers. Then stitch your top unit to the bottom row. Again making sure you nest your center seams!

Press seams open, trim down to 12.5" x 12.5" if needed, aaaand..

TADAA!! You now have a 12.5"x12.5" Bear Paw Block!! Yay!

Whew, so much work for just one block. But it's soo worth it, don't you think? Be sure to tag me on IG (link to your left), if you use my tutorial to make your blocks. I'm always curious, as well as grateful to see your work grow with my help. 

Happy Sewing!!



Fauxdori Tutorial

Fauxdori. What is that you ask? Well it's basically a travel journal based off of a Japanese Madori leather journal. They're gorgeous! Anywho, It's piece of material covering your paper booklet insert. You can jot down your thoughts, take it with you when you travel, record memories, scrapbooking, ..whatever your little heart desires. 
After a few inquires to share the way I made my first fauxdori, this one..

I figured I'll just write up a quick tutorial for those of you who want to make one! So here we go.


You need:

2 pieces of fabric, 1 1/4" larger than your travelers notebook insert(s), on all sides. Usually 3 notebooks are used at once.

Fusible interfacing (your choice)

Wonder Under Heavy duty


1a. Now is the time to piece your fabric for a scrappy look, hand quilt, embroider, or even embellish your top piece of fabric. You can also add a elasticized pen loop, or even a loop and button for a closure in the center. This will be on my next piece ;).

1b. Fuse one fabric piece to the interfacing. Top or bottom, your choice. *Next time I'll fuse to the bottom when doing a scrappy look! Please follow the instructions on your box. You can do both, it just depends on how sturdy you'd like it to be. Remember, your going to fold it over, so you don't want it too hard! I like mine a bit soft.

Then fuse the same piece to Wonder Under webbing. Trim. DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING YET!

2. Place your fabrics right sides together. 

3. Sew all four sides leaving about a 3" opening along the bottom for turning. 

4. Carefully remove the backing for the double side webbing. Do not pull on the threads!

5. Turn inside out. 

6. Iron flat. Remember you have a double sided webbing in between! So use the manufacturers instructions, & make sure it adheres properly.

7. Sew an 1/8" seam along the edge, making sure you catch the opening along the bottom. You can do two seams here if desired. My first had double top seams, this one only has one. 
Add your grommets where desired. I added mine to the spine -two on the top, one in the center, and two on the bottom. Which I forgot to photograph -so here's a photo of one I found on IG.

8. Thread your elastic -lots of good tutorials are available on You Tube! Just search Fauxdori DIY, and your golden! 

TADA! Your done! 

All you need to do now is insert your notebooks, and your ready to scrapbook or journal! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm more than happy to help! 





Wow has this been a busy month, and it's only getting more hectic as the month goes on. Between Samy and I's birthdays, plus Mothers Day & all these sewing projects, I can't seem to get caught up fast enough! Such is life ;).

So, I owe all of you lovelies a couple of winners! Are you all excited? Well let's get right to it. Here we go.

Winner for 50 Fat Quarter Makes is..
Congratulations Mae! I'll contact you for your free eBook copy!

Winner for Scrap Happy Sewing is..
Congratulations Laura! I'll be in contact for your free eBook copy of Scrap Happy Sewing!!

Thanks for playing everyone. A huge thank you to Retro Mama, and Stitch Craft Create Magazine for sponsoring this great giveaway, as well as for letting me be part of such a fun blog hop! I'll be back to share some of my sewing ventures real soon! You can find me daily on Instagram under @vividfelicity (it's so addictive, isn't it?) Come by and say hi!

Happy sewing!!