Reminiscing the Christmas Holiday ;D

How was every ones Christmas Holiday? Mine turned out to be quite a success :D! I ended up spending two days in the kitchen cooking and baking away to my hearts content. I cooked from scratch (for the most part) on Christmas Eve, and baked from scratch (for the most part) on Christmas Day. What did we have?? Well I'll be happy to share that with you! Check it out...
Smoked Ham with a honey glaze, and garnished with
 pineapple slices & maraschino cherries
 Didn't that look delicious?? It tasted just as good as it looked! Thank goodness because it took nearly 4 hours to cook, not to mention preparing my honey glaze, basting every 30 to 40 minutes, and garnishing it to perfection. ...well at least I thought so ;)! Then I made the sides (rice broccoli cheese casserole & garlic mashed potatoes) from scratch, whew! This is what I ended up with...
Christmas Lunch Plate Setting ;D
 YUP I needed that glass of wine when I finally sat down to eat! One serving, and we were full! We ended up having leftovers on Christmas Day. So I baked two pecan pies (because it's HuniBees' absolute favorite), sugar cookies for my SamyCake, buttered biscuits to go with the left overs for dinner, and some chocolate chip cookies (which didn't make it), all on Christmas Day. OH I also made some homemade hot chocolate, but we drank it all while opening our presents lol. Newho, have a look...
Pecan Pie :)
Buttered Biscuits and Homemade Sugar Cookies
Now for some Pyrex updates! This is what I have acquired since the holiday! No need for words, just enjoy the gorgeous Pyrex that is about to devour your sight ;)...
Vintage Pyrex Starburst Spacesaver with 550c lid

Vintage Pyrex Green Wheat Spacesaver with 550c lid

Vintage Pyrex 023 Turquoise Round-bottom Casserole with 683c flat-top utility lid

Vintage Pyrex 215 Opal Loaf Pans
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and had a chance to go thrifting or what have you! A new year will begin in less than 3 days ...OOO! I wish you all a Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true!!
<3 Veronica


Loving Pyrex ;D

YAY! More Pyrex has made it's way home into my loving arms! I finally got a few of my packages, some from trades, some from etsy, and of course good old thrifting :). I have to say I'm ecstatic!! So let me show you what I got. Ready? Me too!
SO, my first three packages. Two were from a couple of great flickr buddies, and the other was from etsy.  They contained these beauties...
Vintage Pyrex 444 Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl, 024 Solid Pink Round Bottom Casserole, and an 024 Pink Flamingo with a 684 flat-top utility domed lid :)
 Thank You Flickr Buddies! Of course I love them! Call me crazy, but who doesn't love pinks and yellow? :) Next, I got all of these from another wonderful flickr friend. She got some good pieces from me too, so no worries :). It was a great trade! And after much deliberation, here's what I finally decided on...
Vintage Pyrex 043 Snowflake Blue Cinderella Casserole, 442 Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl, 024 Pink Flamingo Round Bottom Casserole w/a 624 handled domed lid, and an 024 Lime Round Bottom Casserole.  
 Whew!! Beautiful aren't they?? I love these as well, Thank You wonderful flickr friend ;)! Now all I need are the red, turquoise, and opal colors! (psst! By the way I have yet another great and wonderful flickr friend who is also sending me an 022 opal, SO YAY!!)
Now that I have received a couple of my trades, I'll show you a couple of my collections together. Now this little 441 Gooseberry is what began my hunt for the Cinderella Yellow Gooseberrys'! I found him at my Arc Thrift Store some time ago. I wasn't really interested in this pattern, but I couldn't leave him -all minty mind you, sitting on that shelf all alone. So I adopted him, and now we're both happy! I reunited him with his long lost loving family. See...
Vintage Pyrex Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting Bowls - 441,442, & 444
 They really do look happy together, don't they :).
And lastly, my "they just happened to just fall into my lap" 024 round bottom casseroles collection (from top to bottom)...

Vintage Pyrex 024 Round Bottom Casseroles in Hospitality (Golden Branch), Solid Pink, Lime, and two Pink Flamingos
Oh Joy! These are so pretty together! I'm trying to gather two of each color, and I think there may even be two sizes for these babies. Now, I don't collect two of every piece of Pyrex I love. I mean, come on, a gal only has so much space -right?? Hmm...  NEwho, if there is another size (& I'm pretty sure there is ;D), that will be my next quest. Search for the other size, gather those in my favorite rainbow of colors, & collect two of each. Two because I like to entertain, and - I like pairs, and - I love having the same dish if I happen to make huge batches of the same food. I know, I'm weird.

WOW!! I sure missed posting up photo's of my precious Pyrex! SO much fun, ahhh ...I Love Pyrex :)...
Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment with me people! Be sure to subscribe (if you wana of course), and tell me about your wonderful Pyrex finds!
Now- off to have some Little Big Cheeks (Samy) quality time ;D


My VS Collection

Ahh, I love collecting vintage sheets and pillowcases. I happened to be organizing my sewing room again, and thought I'd take photos of my updated collection :) Wanna see??

 And here's my vintage pillowcase collection...
 My vintage sheet fat quarters...
 These are my left over VS scraps...
 ...and my wide and skinny hems...
I just love going through all these. I love to select and prepare them for FQs & quilting, for sewing pot holders, mug rugs or other tiny projects, and even sewing PJ's and curtains. 
I still have every intention of add these to my etsy shop, I just haven't had the time to do so :) Feel free to contact me if your interested, and I also love to do swaps! Off to do more thrifting today! ;D


Foiled Plans ...BUT

SO, as we were getting ready to take our traditional trip to TX for the holidays, we were surprised by the unexpected - CAR TROUBLE! Our plans were foiled! BOO!! We were of course disappointed. We make it every single year, Thanksgiving with the relatives, HuniBee gets to spend his birthday with his family, and Samy gets to see family he otherwise never sees. Because of this unusual turn of events, I SO wasn't prepared for a home cooked Thanksgiving meal :( wahwah. No turkey, no stuffing, no broccoli casserole, no pumpkin pie, *sniff* it was SO SAD. To top it all off, we got phone calls left and right of relatives showing up whom we haven't seen in ages! Of course. Disappointment through and through.
I decided to make the best of things, and cook up whatever we had on hand. Ribeye Steaks, random veggies, cheese, bacon, and a bottle of Cabernet Savignon. That's what we had. Grilled Ribeye, Veggie Bacon & Cheese Casserole and some Cab S wine.
Thanksgiving Dinner
It was actually pretty tasty ;). See..
Oh and a butter sauteed onion :)
Turned out great, tummies full. All in all a pretty good Thanksgiving.
HuniBee worked on our jeep most of the weekend. I was bummed being stuck at home. Looking forward to Black Friday Sales, but never made it out, boo on that. Then Sunday rolls around, and HuniBee, Samy and I decided to take the jeep out for a spin. Guess where we went? Thrift store shopping! YAY! Wana see what I found? I thought so ;)

404 Green Dots Nesting Bowl?? WOW! I quickly snatched this baby up. Right next to it down the isle, a Pink 443 Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl. In the next isle was the 045 Sage Golden Scroll Casserole (though I'm not actually sure of it's true name). Off we went to another thrift store, and I found the 024 Golden Branch Round Bottom Casserole waiting for me it seemed ;), and two isles over was the Spring Blossom Green Gravy Boat with Dish! WOW! The Pyrex Gods were smiling down on me!
I also found these the week before...
Vintage Pyrex Opals: 228 Pie Dish, 232 Oblong Pan, & 1083 Divided Serving Dish
The extra divided peeking in 9just needing to be included in the photo) is a traded Divided Opal. Most likely happy to be reunited with long lost family :). I also found this at a near by antique store...
Vintage Pyrex 575 Pink Scroll Spacesavers
Just the top one ;). The bottom I purchased off etsy first. Of course just my luck to find one a couple of days after I bought the one off etsy :P.
And since I'm sharing my etsy purchases, I also got this...
Vintage Pyrex Royal Wheat Divided Serving Dish with Cradle
Thanks to a dear flickr friend ;). I had the cradle, and she helped me find the correct dish. SO grateful! Another pair reunited ...and it feels so goood... Ha ha! Just kidding, seemed an appropriate song.
Newho, what started out as a disappointing Thanksgiving Holiday, turned out to be a really fun weekend!


Holiday Songs in the Air

Here it comes ;), Thanksgiving and Christmas! Every where I've been lately, you can hear Christmas songs playing on every intercom throughout the city. I heart Christmas :). Not for the gifts or the decorating or what have you, but because I get to use my Precious Christmas Pyrex :D! I have been SO excited this year, and I can't wait to put these pretties to good use. I'll use them at Thanksgiving and New Years as well, simply because they are so festive, and OH SO PRETTY! I scoured the thrift stores, more antique malls, and some online resources and found my Favorite piece...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Poinsettia with Matching Gold Leaf Lid
Isn't she GORGEOUS! This year I went all out and found this baby on Etsy. After I had acquired this piece...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Holiday with Lid
...at a near by thrift store a while back, I wondered what other pieces of holiday Pyrex might exist. I was instantly hooked! SO, I drove myself to my favorite antique mall. Would you believe I found another piece? This one...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Pine with Matching Gold Leaf Lid
No it's not red, it's gold leafing actually, she's just reflecting the red tablecloth :) Ne who, I was thrilled! Of course, there is one other piece I can't seem to get my hands on (there always is). It's a Vintage Green Pyrex "Christmas (Holly)" Cinderella Bowl. I almost had her one night while shopping on eBay, but of course lost it at the last minute ..grrrr...! But she will be mine one day!
I also got this one off ebay...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Leaf with Lid and Cradle
Here's a photograph of my entire collection, so far ;)
AHHH, Christmas in the air... YAY!
In the spirit of Christmas, I should probably share this photo also...
Vintage Turquoise and Opal Pyrex in Snowflake
...which are available in my Shop  :). One last look at my most favorite piece..
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Poinsettia with Matching Gold Leaf Lid
Ahhhh ;) Happy Holidays Everyone!!


Pyrex Bowl Addiction

I was admiring my Pyrex Bowl Collection yesterday, and thought I haven't talked about my Pyrex collection in such a long time, I really missed it. Well, I sure would like to see them all together at one time. Usually I have just a few sets out, and the rest stored away. So I went through and decided to post up my whole collection here :D! Here's to the beauty of precious Pyrex (ting!!). Enjoy! 

Turquoise 400 Series Mixing Bowls

Friendship Cinderella Nesting Bowls

Pink 400 Series Mixing Bowls

Delphite Nesting Bowls

Bright Yellow 300 Series Mixing Bowls

Turquoise Butterprint 300 Series Mixing Bowls

Orange Butterprint Cinderella Nesting Bowls 404 &403

Spring Blossom Green 300 Series Mixing Bowls (Original 1st Pattern)

Hot Air Balloons Promotional Chip and Dip Set (with the original box-not photographed

Horizon Blue 403 Mixing Bowls

Friendship 300 Series Mixing Bowls (with original box)


OK Ok ok...

SO I'll admit I'm NOT the best blogging person on the web. I had every intention on committing to this 100%! BUT things change :). I'll let you know why I'm not so consistent :)
 First I had this little guy...
Samuel Lucas
(pause for the ahhhh!)
 Isn't he cute? Smiling since the day he was born! By the way, that IS a photo on the day he was born. WHEW, I can't believe I survived that day!

Then the holidays roll around. Talk about the busy season, then add this BabyCakes into the mix...
awww How Cute ;)
 Run errands and all that jazz...
and pause for a little Samy Cam time
 Get home spend some Mommy time with (again) this little man...
...which is a year old photo, but I love this one! Look at that face he's making hee!
 And by the time you know it, Hunibee is home, have to make dinner, and we're running around with Cheeks, watching him grow, and taking as many photos as ridiculously possible, because he's just SO darn CUTE in our eyes...
see what I mean? How could I not photograph this little guy, making this cute of a face, all because I'm waving a SPOOL of THREAD in front of him and DaddyCakes is playing chase, ALL @ the Same TIME?!
 Then you start thinking about how your entire day has gone by, you haven't done your chores, or taken photographs of your progressing projects and the Pyrex your so undeniably in love with to share with all your beloved online friends, AND realize your OH SO ADORABLE LITTLE GUY HAS GROWN AND CHANGED AGAIN an entire YEAR later!
and this photo is over three months old already!
So here I am blogging again, in my tiny window of opportunity. Meaning Samy's asleep, WHEW!!
....oh, there he is ;P! And so it begins again!! :D