When the Cat's Away..

Well, my Huni is long gone ...off on his hunting trip I mean. That means it's just me and my Samycakes for the next few days to fend for ourselves. We'll miss him so much while he's gone :(.

So what will I be up to while he's gone? ..when the Cats away, the Mice will play!
First things first.
It seems it's been such a long time since I've post a photo of Pyrex. I finally took one of my last two trades..

Beautiful beautiful Pyrex! I got these from a couple of wonderful Pyrex-Trading Facebook friends -Katherine, who sent me the 441 Snowflake Garland & the 403 Friendship. Love them!! And Jocelyn, who sent me the Black 503. Love it!! These two ladies are fantastic people ;D. Not because they sent me some awesome Pyrex Goodness, but because they were sooo sweet & were so patient with these last two trades of ours! Believe me, they were phenomenal-I was moving at the time. Thank You Ladies!! Next..

Progress! Only four more rows to go on my VS quilt, whew. It is so hard to sew with Samy (who's 2yrs old btw), trying to push the foot pedal in an attempt to help :p. Oh brother. I put in his favorite move (Wall*E), gave him a handful of strawberries, rushed back to my sewing table, and got my FQs cut for the Color Wheel Swap also..

YAY! Aren't they cute all bundled up like that? I think they will work, and I can't wait to see what I get back :B. Finally, I got this baby in..

Oh Yeah. This will be my very first attempt at a bag. I'm pretty intimidated! Especially after seeing all those beautiful bags popping up at the Sewing Summit. Totally inspiring. Of course I didn't make it to the Sewing Summit this year, but I was with you all in spirit! (and totally stalking everyone on instagram!) None the less, I have the pattern, I have my fabrics chosen, now all I need are the cojones!

Any projects you're doing which need a fair amount of cojones?? Wish me Luck ;D


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