Grey Weather

It's grey, it's chilly, and I feel like bundling up next to my Janome and sewing away. I needed a few more replacement supplies, so I was off to a sewing store near me - Samy in-hand. He got his usual 'he's so cute!' compliments, as he walked by the ladies. Melting hearts with his charming little smile ;) -he really is cute, just sayin'! Here's a shot of my little..

See, cute :). And I'm happy to have my supplies ready for todays projects..

YAY! The ruffler's a generic, but it might work. I test drove it, and it seems to still be a bit tall for the presser bar but it worked. Should I be concerned about that? Maybe I should call and find out? Even so, I still can't believe I found a Mom & Pop Shop that carried these items. I went to one other shop before, but the service lacked in courtesy. Very important to me. Newhoo, Great shop, No shipment to wait for - AWESOME! So now I have almost everything to start my Weekender Travel Bag by Amy Butler, among other projects in waiting. I also received more fabulous fabric..

Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet & Robert Kaufman Metro Living Circles

Moda Half Moon Scissors
Yep, more Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet, because I'm totally addicted to it. Robert Kaufman Metro Living Circles, because it's sweet, and Moda Half Moon Scissors -which is also cool. Now how in the world am I ever going to choose the fabrics I should use for my bag? Hm..

Can't forget about my Pyrex! I finally completed my Pink Gooseberry Fridgie set..

Thanks to one of my Facebook Pyrex trading buddies -Katherine! Now all I need are the lids. I love this set, it's so pretty, and you know how I love me some pink ;). Now, off to work on my grey weather sewing projects! The End.

Veronica ;D


  1. I'm so jealous of your fridgies! The pink gooseberry is my absolute favorite. It's what got me started collecting in the first place.

    1. Nice ;D! It was Friendship for me! Thanks for taking time to stop in ;D