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Yesterday happened to pretty eventful for me. The most memorable part of yesterday? I found out from a great flickr buddy, I had made Flickrs' EXPLORE! How cool is that?! I was so excited, I have since been glued to my computer screen in awe! My photo is surround by the most gorgeous photographs. I had to wonder how I even made it. I must confess, even though I'm not too familiar with Explore, I had heard of it. You should see some of the photographs posted there daily. Amazing! Can I show you my photograph?
...good, cuz I was going to share it with you anyway ;D

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Cinderella Set on EXPLORE!
YUP, Pyrex! Who knew?! I never thought I'd love this photo as much I do today! I happened to be updating my flickr buddy icon, blogger button etc etc, and wanted to put up a another photo of my Friendship set. So I chose this one. Mainly because - I <3 Friendship Pyrex! It's my absolute favorite Pyrex pattern. Who knew this would chosen?
Now it may not be a big deal to alot you, but it's a huge deal to me. Talk about a koolaid smile! :B 

Then I come to find out another one of my photos had been chosen last year in December as well. YAY!
Here's my first photo..

Vintage Pyrex Embroidery 443 Cinderella Bowl on EXPLORE!
What else have I been missing??! SO, I'm extremely excited, totally giddy, and very proud that I have kept up with my photography hobby!
 I <3 Flickr! :B
Thanks for sharing this great moment with me people!!

Veronica ;D

PS - Check out my Vivid Felicity etsy shop. I'm selling off ALOT of my Pyrex collection right now to raise $ for a new sewing machine (Plus I have NO room for it!). I have now been officially bitten by the sewing bug! Please feel free to help me out ;D! Maybe then I might be able to bring you my take on quilted goodies!! Thanks Again!!

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