Grey Sky Brainstorming

The sky is grey, the snow is falling, and I just can't believe Spring even made it here. I just feel like lounging around and watching TV all day. Well that's not going to happen with Samy around (my toddler)! SO I needed a pep-me-up to get the spring back in my step. As I went upstairs and into my sewing room, I noticed one of my wire baskets on the floor holding my VS Hems. Project time! Samy's asleep, and I have the house all to myself YAY!

Now.. hm..
My Vintage Sheet Hems Stash
What to do with these? I still can't figure it out. They look so bright and happy sitting there in the middle of my, otherwise, grey room today. Colorful, pretty, glowing away ahhh... Photo Shoot! So that's just what I did ;D

First up, my Small Hems..
Vintage Sheet Skinny Hems
I like the way this photo turned out. You can see the texture of the sheets, and I liked the lighting also.
Neext my Wide hems...
Vintage Sheet Wide Hems
Most of my hems are Wide. ..hmm they could be re purposed as hems for other things! Like pj pants, a nightie, sleeve cuffs also..
...now a couple of close-ups...
Vintage Sheet Hems
Oh I liked that photo. I like the depth & brightness of it :D
Vintage Sheet Hems Close-Up
That's a cool shot! "...nothings coming to my mind!"... Lol, Back To The Future.
Vintage Sheet Hems
The slant on that one was fun! So Much Pink!!
Vintage Sheet Hems
This one is cool too :)  Ahh, I feel more peppy, how about you?!
This turned out to be a fun "project" after all. I had fun photographing my VS Hems! Still, I see more brainstorming in my future. Any suggestions and what to use these hems for? 


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