Kikki K Love +Giveaways!

About two weeks ago or so, I received an exciting package. I ordered a Kikki K Textured Leather Personal Planner, and a few accessories to go with it. I'm beyond excited!! Honestly, I've been so obsessed with it these last few weeks, it's put everything else on hold. I find myself playing and referring to it every. single. day. 

The color alone is enough to make me pull it out and stare at it all day. Gorgeous! Seriously, these photos do not do it justice. I immediately started setting it up, and filling it.

Stickers, project life cards, dashboard set ups, washi tape, the works. I've gone through every single tab. Every single page. Every pocket. Everything!

Personalizing, and decorating my pages. Oh the joy! A few years ago (and I mean long long ago), I was a huge planner fan, but it was never this much fun. I've figured out that even in this digital age, the physical act of writing something down seems to better help me remember my goals.

It helps keep me on track through out my day, month, year. All that jazz. Sure, just using a piece of paper to write down your errands works. However, I found I kept loosing my notes, or just forgetting to bring them along with me. When you have an entire day full of errands, it just gets plain irritating. 

Before I realized it, my planner was bursting. I was watching every you tube video available to help me make the most of my planner. SO many videos!

And the ideas are endless! I have to say, I'm in planner heaven! 

Well, it's worked out splendidly! There is definitely another purchase in my future! I'm thinking a medium perhaps?

So now for the fun part! Giveaway Time!! 

 I've decided to do TWO GIVEAWAYS! Yay!! 

The first is in honor of my new reborn obsession. Planner Love. Ready?...

Yep, that's right! Everything you see in the photo above! Including a new Life Is Sweet Sticker Book from Kikki K 😘!

The second, for all my quilty friends and fabric lovers out there...

Yes, super cute 30s repo and Yukon Hasegawa! I know I haven't been sewing much lately, but that's all because of my new fun cute planner. She's to blame. Not to worry though, I have to get back to it next week 😘.

Nitty gritty rules:
1. Be sure your a follower and/or subscriber here on my blog. 
2. Follow my IG account. There's a link on the top right. 
3. Last but not least, comment below telling me which giveaway you'd most love to receive.

Giveaway ends 26th February 2015. 

Good Luck!!

---GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congratulations to my winners and Thank You to all who entered!---


  1. Hi! I feel your excitement!! I am happy to see planners are coming back! The creative license is fun! I also love the fabrics! I am a quilter.

  2. I'm a sewer and I just got my first actually filofax, so I don't know which ine I'd want more! :'D these both looks awesome! And your planner is beyond gorgeous!

  3. Kikki-k is just gorgeous. I have been an addict for years! But my current addiction is fabric. I am loving making things for my family and friends, so fabric wins for me :)

  4. It's so funny how everything comes around again. I remember having a Filofax when I was at uni. Yours looks super cute - I love Kiki-k! Anyway, I am electronic now, so I guess fabric would be my preference. Enjoy your planner!

  5. I used to use planners for years, and then got away from them a couple of years ago because of my smart phone. I sure do miss it! Even though I'm a quilter and love fabric, I would have to go for the planner.

  6. I subscribe to your blog and IG....and adore both, but would choose the fabric! Thanks for the chance!

  7. subscribed with netvibes (sandyhills25)
    I would love number one !

  8. Just found out about your giveaway on Instagram (I'm @emilyalix). I just subscribed to follow you by email on your blog - yay! I would LOVE to win the fabric. 30s prints are my favorite! :)

  9. I didn't know you had a blog! The pics here are much better than through the phone. :) Love your mint planner. I'd love to win the fabric and share with my quilty friends. Thanks for the chance!

  10. I've just got back into my planner, but my first love will always be fabric, so I'd love to win that bundle of prettiness😊 Thanks!

  11. I hope I'm not too late. I love the planner goodies, I'm a huge fan of Project Life and I guess this is the next step. I hope this is open to Aussie people

  12. I'm new to sewing/quilting, so I need pretty fabric and I just Love what you picked! Thank you for the chance!

  13. Hello Veronica, super nice giveaway.Love the fabrics Thanks for the chance!

  14. Hi Veronica, thanks for the chance to win some lovely fabric. I really enjoy following you on the IG... I didn't know you have a blog.. Your blog is wonderful! I knew to commenting on a blog so I hope I'm doing this right thanks for the chance

  15. Hello! I've been following you on IG for awhile and I've just added you to my Bloglovin feed. I'd love the fabric, of course! :)

  16. Love your planner. I would love the second prize if so lucky.

  17. I love you taste in fabrics and in planners! I'm following you on Facebook and Instagram, and I love the fabric! Thanks for a chance to win!

  18. I'm a follower thru Email :) ( I don't do the FB, etc etc stuff)

  19. I looooove the fabrics... Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  20. I would love to win the fabric. I follow on Facebook (Paula Lemos) and IG (paulalemos1963)
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com