Valentines Day Love

How long has it been since I've logged onto my blog?.. Since forever. I'm so terrible at blogging, or anything that requires a time frame/schedule. Especially since Samy, but secretly - and even more so - since getting my new iPhone 5. Not to long ago I had to promise Huni, I'd stay off my cell. NOT working out so well, but he loves me-so it's not too bad of a problem. The real issue, is now Samy is addicted to my phone- uhoh! (which is also something Hunibuns doesn't approve of) Huni says, he paid so much for it, and Samy should not be anywhere near it. I have to agree with most of that- of course that's not what I said. My exact words were "But it has a cover and a protective screen!" LOL. Probably not the most mature answer, but we had a good little laugh ;)!

 Anyway, now that I'm OFF my iphone, much has happened since I last typed out. Of course if your a follwer of any of my social media sites (to your left), you know exactly whats been going on. I'd still like to share though! Ready for photos?? (even though they are not pretty, it's still fun to share right? Right. OK. So here we go..

First up my bee blocks I have a third, but forgot to photograph it. Boo. But happy I'm still in the game-two to go..

Second I learned how to make a wristlet key chain thingy, using echino laminate fabric (my new love)..

Next we have my very First Zipper Pouch using the Quilt-As-You-Go method. I made this for my dear friend Renee. (though it had to be a secret, heehee)..

Then I also made her this cute mini quilt. Which I'm totally proud of! (and totally sorry about the bright blue painters' tape)..

I also received my UK Vintage Sheet Swap Bundle. Oooo. LOVE! (check out the link to your left)..

Then I made my first drawstring bag using Jeni Bakers Lined Drawstring Bag (it waas Samy's, but Husband loved it so much, he kept it lol). Now I have to make another (but very excited to do so of course!)..

& Lastly, I made two uber cute quilt tops..

Scrappy Trip Along

Pixelated Heart
The trouble with these are, I can't for the life of me figure out what I want the backings and bindings to look like! Oh brother right? Either way, they are still cute, and as soon as I have that figured out? I'll see if I can muster up the courage to actually quilt them as well! The cupcakes were from a sweet friend Jocelyn, she's amazing ;D!

SO, there you have it! I have been busy sewing away, just too busy to share. Not Good. There, I said it. I'll do my very best to log on more often Loves!

Happy Valentines Day!

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