Pillow Pop Project

I just HAVE to show off my new pillow! It came out great, even though I did have to improvise a bit. Neways, who cares about that! Here it is..

TADA! This baby makes me VERY Happy! Want to see the back? Of COURSE you do!..

LOVE this fabric :D. Now I did think it was pretty busy, but after going through almost every fabic I had in mind, this one stood out. I shared my process along the way on IG, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter (on your left- Don't forget to follow me on your favorite Social Media Site ;D), but I'll share them again..

SO where did I come up with this gorgeous pattern? From Pillow Pop by Heather Bostic of .House. of A La Mode

It was the first project in the book, dubbed Fair Feathered friends by John Q. Adams of Quilt Dad. I'm still unsure as to whether or not I may be able to share a photo in the book, but  Lets' not tempt fate, yes?.

As you can see, I'm totally excited about all this sudden business of pillowee quilty making! SOo, I'm just going to end with photos of my new pillow. Enjoy, and my Thanks to Heather and John for an awesome project, as well as to all my followers for all of your awesome encouragement! ON with the Show..

Back Pillow is a Spider Web Block Pillow


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