Christmas Dinner

THIS JUST IN.. I just ran into some nice mans jeep.  :(  My truck wouldn't stop, it just kept on sliding no matter which way I turned those wheels. Stupid icy parking lot. I'll deal with that later.

In happier news, I am going to share our Christmas dinner. It was all last minute planning. Let me say Thank You to all of you who supported my little Shop and made this Christmas possible.SO here we go..

Our Christmas Dinner in Vintage Holiday & Opal Pyrex

Roasted Pepper Duck in a VP Poinsettia Pyrex Casserole and cradle
(which wasa missing a leg because Samy Boy couldn't wait ;D)

Raw Vegetable Salad in a VP Golden Pine SS

Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes in a VP Opal Bowl

Sauteed Onions and Jalapenos in my late Grandmothers China
(she would have loved that ;D)

Samy's Plate ;D

Our Plate w/a glass of Wine ;D

There you have it! It was so delish, and we had such a great time! Now to plan our New Years Dinner Menu ;D. Happy Holidays Everyone!

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