Samurai Sword

Last weekend was interesting. I didn't get a chance to really sew my heart out like I planned. Mainly because my Hubby was using my sewing area. You heard right. Huni + Sewing = weird. I started to get everything ready, but was only able to create this..

A tortilla cozy. It's cute, it's practical, and I really wanted to cover up the ugly utility towel in the center.

Back to what I was talking about before. I kept wondering why Huni was asking questions. So after finding out what the what, I helped him along the way. Curious to see what he made? Check this montage of photos out (Apologies for the lousy photo's. I was on a secrete photography mission, as he didn't want me documenting him using my "girlie" things haha)..

After he a few complaints, redos, and having to stand my ground in not doing it for him, this is what he made..

Have you guessed what it is yet?

It's a Samurai Sword Carrying Bag! Men. Lol! After all the swearing, complaints, almost giving up and me having to encourage & cheer him on, he's totally proud of it! PLUS he has a whole new respect for my "girlie" sewing equipment. Too cool ;). What have the Loves of your life created with your quilting supplies?


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  1. OMGoodness I love that tortilla cozy!! I have always used this little straw basket my grandma gave me with tea towels in it to keep my tortillas warm but this is an awesome idea!! I really need to practice on my sewing skills! Your husband did a great job with his project lol