I just hda to share my new try for the week. What is it you ask? Hexies!

These actually came together pretty quickly. Aside from the cutting (tedious for someone like me), I was so surprised at how easily these came together. Can't wait to show you what I'm creating with these!
..On With the Show..

I promised you a GIVEAWAY last week, and a giveaway is what we shall have. So what's up for grabs? Here we go..

Erin McMorris Summersault & Vintage Pink Pyrex ;D! I also shared with you last week, that I needed to destash (here).

Erin McMorrise - Summersault
Well here's a generous helping of gorgeous pinks! In my opinion, these are perfect for fall projects. There's almost half a yard per print (33inches give or take). Since I have pink fabric, I thought a piece of pink Pyrex would fit in nicely :).
Vintage 401 Pink Pyrex
Use it for fabric scraps, pins, or cereal. Whatever your sweet little heart desires. How can you get your hands on these puppies? Just leave me a comment saying you follow my blog, flickr, etc, and your in baby! No cheaters please, cuz cheaters are grody. Giveaway ends 12th of November @ midnight. Good Luck to All You Lovelies ;D


**Give away is now closed. Thanks for entering everyone!**


  1. Veronica, I follow you on instagram (@Lorah_gonza), am friends with you on fb (from our Vintage Pyrex Love group), and have read some of you blog entries.... I would love love love that pink 401 and a hexie! Pick me! Hehe.
    Lorah Gonzales

  2. Without a doubt you know I follow your fbook and your flickr. I am just starting to follow the dot com. I adore the fabrics! Where did you snatch them up from?

  3. Love your blog and FB page. Two of my favorite things, Pyrex and textiles! The vintage sheets make me smile,I love the feel and smell of them fresh off the line. I've been following for awhile now but this made me finally figure out how to join. (who knew that old gmail acct was good for something?) So keep blogging and posting and I'll keep sewing vicariously through you.

  4. What an amazing giveaway! I follow your blog and your flickr :)

  5. I've been following your lovely blog for a while now and love it!! I'd love to win this gorgeous prize, with 3 little boys in my house I could do with some pink :-)

  6. 401s are perfect cereal bowls!

    I follow your blog, fb page and now, Instagram. :)

  7. I just discovered you on Instagram and I follow you there and now your blog! :)

  8. I follow your blog and your Flickr I also check your Etsy shop just to see your pretties and when I was on there today I got overly excited to see that you are in Denver Colorado! That's where I'm from too well I'm from Leadville but grew up in Denver. I now live in Germany because this is where my husband is stationed but I'm happy to know that you're from my home town!!

  9. Hello! I follow you on Flickr and FB. You always add the most beautiful pictures! Thank you for doing this nice giveaway. It will add some cheer as the days have gotten shorter and our rain is increasing (here in Seattle). I'm crossing my fingers!