Get Back To It

Hey People! After nursing myself back to health, I'm feeling much better these days. However, now my Baby Cakes and Huni are sick. Boo on that. They're in good spirits though, so it doesn't seem too bad.

In other news, I started working on a Samy quilt for Christmas awhile back..

With him and his Daddy sick, it's really slow going,..

..but I am making progress..

..and it's starting to take shape..

I think it's going to be really adorable by the time I get done. I have two more rows to sew on, which have proven to be so much harder than I had originally planned. I know I'm on the right track though, because Samy can't seem keep his hands off of it haha! Here's a sneak peek..

..hm, I also see a manicure in Samy's future ;). Ok, one more just because I liked this photo..

SO, almost done and I'm totally excited to show it off! So be sure to check back for the reveal. I'll be sure to share the inspirational tute I used, once I'm done as well. Now, It's time to get back to it!

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