Wonder Women

Guess what I did over the weekend? Got my Etsy Shop up and running, WoopWoop! Ok maybe it didn't really deserve a "woopwoop", but I was in the moment so there it is. My entire collection of vintage sheets are ready for purchase for all you sewing-quilting-project making Wonder Momas out there ;D.

Speaking of these Wonder Women, I got to thinking. Now if I could just get myself to turn into a Wonder Moma when needed, all my projects would be done in a flash! BUT let's get realistic. I'm no where near becoming a Wonder Moma people! I'm a First-time Moma, with no idea on how you even begin becoming one.

I have a lot of respect for those Ladies. You know the type. Up at the crack of dawn, squeezes in a quick workout, showers, gets dressed and looking beautiful before breakfast, then COOKS breakfast, feeds the family, cleans up, dresses the children, sends everybody off to work/school with a shower of kisses, goes to work, after work picks up the kids from school, comes home & cooks supper, cleans up, makes sure the children's school work is done, squeezes in some quality time for each and every member of the family -with another dose of kiss showers, gets them all ready for bed, showers, and calls it a day. WHEEEW!! It's tiring just thinking about it. RESPECT!

Not at ALL how MY day goes. I'm lucky to be out of bed by 8am, dragging my dead tired body to my bathroom to freshen up, stumble to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone, throw dishes at the dishwasher, start it up, bathe & dress my Samy, and finally have a chance to shower, slap on some war paint, jump start my brain (with Starbucks if I'm lucky), and get my day started.

My Moma was a Single Mother raising 4 -that's right FOUR Girls, had TWO Jobs, and still got everything done around the house. How could I not respect a woman who can carry a load like that? My Grandmother -she had NINE children. Nuff said. I LOVE that Woman. If it weren't for these Women, I would not be the Lady I am today. I attribute all my good characteristics and values to these two wonderful Women ;D

This family thing is serious business folks. Sure you can take shortcuts, but I'm the type who feels like I'm short-changing my family if I do so. There must be some kind of support group for that, right? Newhoo!

Heres' to You Wonder Momas!

Veronica A.M.

PS.I'm also planning on listing alot of vintage Pyrex to my Shop.

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