Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I'm so happy to share my pillow cover with you all today. If you follow me on any of the apps I have to the left of your screen (don't forget to look me up ;D), you know I finally finished my Spider Web Pillow cover. Now it's not traditional Halloween colors, but I'm not much for Halloween anyway. But in the spirit of the holiday, and it being a "Spider Web" block, I thought it was fitting. Here it is..

Spider Web Pillow Cover

TADAA!! It's not perfect, but for me and my skillz, it's perfect ;D. This particular project was a bit scary for me. Lots and lots of firsts. For one, trying my hand at the stripy look, another - tryin the spiderweb block..

..first time I try quilting a continuous square (which was hard for me :p)..

..my first time trying my hand at embroidery floss..

..and my first time trying a pillow cover..

It turned out great! Talk about a confidence booster ;D. If you'd like to try this out, Here are the links for the tutes I used.. {House} A La Mode for the spiderweb block, and Sew Mama Sew for the pillow cover.
What was your first??

Happy Halloween, Have Fun, & Be Safe!


  1. I can see how that would be a confidence booster with all of those firsts. Your pillow looks amazing great work!

  2. Yeah for trying new things! It turned out great!!

    1. Thanks So Much Kati! I've got lots more firsts I'm trying out ;D!