Berry Shades

Apartment living sure is diferent than the single family home I'm used to. Turns out my business cards are here. They sat up at the front office for nearly a week, but at least they were safe :). I'm trying out a new design for now. Think they came out pretty cute..

Half of my fabric stack came in for the Color Wheel Swap as well! Totally gorgeous in person! These are the ones I'm sending in..

I was assigned red-"of all the colors in all the world". It's one of my favorites ;D. I just had to include an extra Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet for myself also (teehee). What's a girl supposed to do? Just keep shopping right past it??..

Totally in love with them :B. I can't wait for the other half to be home, Eeeek!
Now just to pick up my turbo-tiny totally unorganized sewing area...

What a mess, and way to small -really. I miss my own sewing room :(. BUT good things to come later on!
I also got flowers from my Handsome Hubby ;D..

Aren't they adorable? He's going away on a hunting trip this weekend, so we'll be missing him.
I guess I'll have to spend my time sewing ..and shopping for sewing supplies. Darn! Hm.. Berry shades seem to be my color this week, LOVE that! What are you doing this weekend??


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