Postman Bearing Gifts

I received the best package in the mail a couple of days ago! When I last participated in the VS Swap 7, one of the participants contacted me regarding one of my VS FQs :). Well a lovely lady, named Liz Taylor (love that!), offered to make me a custom clutch for more yardage. YES PLEASE :B! I had a chance to check out her lovely selection from her Etsy shop Liz Taylor Handmade. She also helped me choose and coordinated my fabrics. How sweet is that?
SO opened my package to find this...

SO cute! I immediately unraveled this little package of sweetness to reveal the cutest little clutch! Check it out...

Liz Taylor VS Gathered Clutch

So adorable!! Didn't she do a wonderful job of coordinating the fabrics and colors? Wana see the inside??...

Liz Taylor VS Gathered Clutch

It even has little slot pockets, ooooo more butterflies, and a matching key fob ;). LOVE IT!! Perfect for just a quick trip to ...well where ever your little heart desires to go ;D. Well made, cute, and well just perfect for me. Thank You So Much Liz!! ;D



  1. I am so glad you love it! I feel like I got a great deal too!

  2. YAY! I can't thank you enough Liz! I've already filled it up ;). Now I'm ready to run my errands! Thanks Again ;D