Red Velvet Cake

Have I ever told anyone how much I love Red Velvet Cake? ...mmm maybe :) Have I ever told you about my favorite kind of red velvet cake? ...um, not so much! I bet it's not what your thinking :B! Want to take a look? I thought you might, let me show you...
Want a better look still?? Teehee...
It's my Petunia Pickle Bottom Red Velvet Cake Society Satchel! Isn't it gorgeous?? It's not a red velvet cake per se, which I DO love, but it'll work. You would not believe the amount of complements flying at me every time I'm out running errands. What can I say? It IS absolutely scrumptious ;D. This is my everyday diaper bag folks. It's beautifully made as well (this is NOT a sales pitch, I just LOVE this bag :D)! Let me show you...

What do you think? Gorgeous right? Did you notice the cut velvet texture?

Touchably Soft, Vibrant, ...Stunning!!

It doesn't have to be just a diaper either. I plan on carrying this baby for many years to come. Previously, I was strictly a Coach girl, but now... well, Petunia Pickle Bottom has stolen my heart! Use it as a shopper, camera bag, whatever you can think of. It has TONS of storage!
NEwho, I hope I'm lucky enough to have another bag in the near future ;D

<3 Veronica

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  1. If you ever want to sell her please let me know!!! I have Tons if petunia and would love this ;)