Gi-normous Pyrex Trade

Ok, so if any of you here follow me on Flickr, you'll know I had posted a grip of Pyrex up for trade. Deciding to get rid of pieces I couldn't sell online or really wanted, and going for the ones I completely love. Half way through it all I thought -'What have I got myself into??!!' WELL, it was totally overwhelming & stressful, but the end results are really turning out to be well worth the trouble! I think my photographs say it all ;D Ready?? Me too! Here we go...

Vintage Pyrex Pink Fridgie 502 with lid, Pink Stems 043, Pink Fridgie 503
with lid, Yellow Daisy Fridgie 501, Two SS teaspoons ;), Yellow Daisy 401,
and Yellow Daisy 444 Cinderella Bowl.
By far my biggest trade so far, from a GREAT & BEAUTIFUL Flickr Friend! Thank You!!! The Pink Stems being my all time favorite piece!!! :B

Vintage Pyrex Yellow Daisy Fridgie 502, and 442 Cinderella Bowl.
Vintage Pink floral sheet ;)
Another WONDERFUL Flickr Friend! I'm so happy I got a VS in this trade! I had been looking for this sheet for months now! Beautiful Pyrex & a Beautiful VS, what more could a girl want? Thank You Girl!! ;D

Vintage Pyrex Friendship 043 Oval Casserole with Opal Lid ;D
Now thanks to this GREAT Flickr Friend of mine, I am now ONE piece away from completing my ENTIRE Friendship Collection people!! ONE PIECE AWAY! WOO!! Thank you Girl!! ;D

Now these next couple of pieces are not from trades, But still deserve recognition ;)

Vintage Pyrex Unmarked Opal 402??
This piece, I'm still unsure of whether it's actually Pyrex or not. It has a very tiny 16A(i think) near the rim and that's it. no circle, no identification of any kind. But it's milk glass and I love it :)!

Vintage Pyrex Grey Cream & Sugar Bowl with Lid Set.
Still don't know if I can get into the grey, but it is still gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing all this with me everyone! I'll be back when I have more trades in ...or just Pyrex! :B


  1. Do you have any more for trade?

    1. Hi!
      Sorry about the late response. I do have more pyrex for trade/sell. I'm part of the Pyrex for Trade groups on Flickr and FB :). Thanks So Much for reading!