Gi-Normous Pyrex Trade Part II

More trades are in folks!! I'm ecstatic :B!! But before I get to my trades, let me show you a few more photos of my own pieces I have wanted to post. I hope you all enjoy the photo's :) Ready? Here We Go!!

My Favorite Pink Pyrex Pattern, ...ahhhhhhh
Vintage Pyrex White (Pink) Daisy Collection
Now these next two pieces, I purchased online from Kiwi and Green. Nicole is wonderful, and you can usually find some wonderful pieces there ;D.
Vintage Pyrex Golden Classic Promotional Casserole w/Lid
Vintage Pyrex Kim Chee Promotional Casserole w/Lid
More of my own finds.....
Vintage Pyrex Turquoise Cream & Sugar Bowl w/Lid Set
Vintage Corning Snowflake Blue Cream & Sugar Bowl w/Lid Set
:B What else can I say, except that I love them all of course. Now on to my trades! I got these all from some very Lovely Flicker Friends, and would recommend trading with all these Ladies. Be sure to check out my Flickr Photostream to find out who these wonderful people are ;D

Vintage Pyrex Daisy 400 Mixing Bowls, and Bake Serve Store Round
Casseroles w/Lids
Vintage Pyrex Primary Green 403 Bowl
Vintage Pyrex Silhouette 473 Round Casserole
Beautiful beautiful Pyrex ahhhh.... SO I still have a couple more coming to me. My head is SO going to explode with excitement! LOL!!
I hope you all enjoyed sharing this moment with me!! Happy Pyrex Hunting/Trading!


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