Reminiscing the Christmas Holiday ;D

How was every ones Christmas Holiday? Mine turned out to be quite a success :D! I ended up spending two days in the kitchen cooking and baking away to my hearts content. I cooked from scratch (for the most part) on Christmas Eve, and baked from scratch (for the most part) on Christmas Day. What did we have?? Well I'll be happy to share that with you! Check it out...
Smoked Ham with a honey glaze, and garnished with
 pineapple slices & maraschino cherries
 Didn't that look delicious?? It tasted just as good as it looked! Thank goodness because it took nearly 4 hours to cook, not to mention preparing my honey glaze, basting every 30 to 40 minutes, and garnishing it to perfection. ...well at least I thought so ;)! Then I made the sides (rice broccoli cheese casserole & garlic mashed potatoes) from scratch, whew! This is what I ended up with...
Christmas Lunch Plate Setting ;D
 YUP I needed that glass of wine when I finally sat down to eat! One serving, and we were full! We ended up having leftovers on Christmas Day. So I baked two pecan pies (because it's HuniBees' absolute favorite), sugar cookies for my SamyCake, buttered biscuits to go with the left overs for dinner, and some chocolate chip cookies (which didn't make it), all on Christmas Day. OH I also made some homemade hot chocolate, but we drank it all while opening our presents lol. Newho, have a look...
Pecan Pie :)
Buttered Biscuits and Homemade Sugar Cookies
Now for some Pyrex updates! This is what I have acquired since the holiday! No need for words, just enjoy the gorgeous Pyrex that is about to devour your sight ;)...
Vintage Pyrex Starburst Spacesaver with 550c lid

Vintage Pyrex Green Wheat Spacesaver with 550c lid

Vintage Pyrex 023 Turquoise Round-bottom Casserole with 683c flat-top utility lid

Vintage Pyrex 215 Opal Loaf Pans
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and had a chance to go thrifting or what have you! A new year will begin in less than 3 days ...OOO! I wish you all a Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true!!
<3 Veronica

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