Loving Pyrex ;D

YAY! More Pyrex has made it's way home into my loving arms! I finally got a few of my packages, some from trades, some from etsy, and of course good old thrifting :). I have to say I'm ecstatic!! So let me show you what I got. Ready? Me too!
SO, my first three packages. Two were from a couple of great flickr buddies, and the other was from etsy.  They contained these beauties...
Vintage Pyrex 444 Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl, 024 Solid Pink Round Bottom Casserole, and an 024 Pink Flamingo with a 684 flat-top utility domed lid :)
 Thank You Flickr Buddies! Of course I love them! Call me crazy, but who doesn't love pinks and yellow? :) Next, I got all of these from another wonderful flickr friend. She got some good pieces from me too, so no worries :). It was a great trade! And after much deliberation, here's what I finally decided on...
Vintage Pyrex 043 Snowflake Blue Cinderella Casserole, 442 Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl, 024 Pink Flamingo Round Bottom Casserole w/a 624 handled domed lid, and an 024 Lime Round Bottom Casserole.  
 Whew!! Beautiful aren't they?? I love these as well, Thank You wonderful flickr friend ;)! Now all I need are the red, turquoise, and opal colors! (psst! By the way I have yet another great and wonderful flickr friend who is also sending me an 022 opal, SO YAY!!)
Now that I have received a couple of my trades, I'll show you a couple of my collections together. Now this little 441 Gooseberry is what began my hunt for the Cinderella Yellow Gooseberrys'! I found him at my Arc Thrift Store some time ago. I wasn't really interested in this pattern, but I couldn't leave him -all minty mind you, sitting on that shelf all alone. So I adopted him, and now we're both happy! I reunited him with his long lost loving family. See...
Vintage Pyrex Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting Bowls - 441,442, & 444
 They really do look happy together, don't they :).
And lastly, my "they just happened to just fall into my lap" 024 round bottom casseroles collection (from top to bottom)...

Vintage Pyrex 024 Round Bottom Casseroles in Hospitality (Golden Branch), Solid Pink, Lime, and two Pink Flamingos
Oh Joy! These are so pretty together! I'm trying to gather two of each color, and I think there may even be two sizes for these babies. Now, I don't collect two of every piece of Pyrex I love. I mean, come on, a gal only has so much space -right?? Hmm...  NEwho, if there is another size (& I'm pretty sure there is ;D), that will be my next quest. Search for the other size, gather those in my favorite rainbow of colors, & collect two of each. Two because I like to entertain, and - I like pairs, and - I love having the same dish if I happen to make huge batches of the same food. I know, I'm weird.

WOW!! I sure missed posting up photo's of my precious Pyrex! SO much fun, ahhh ...I Love Pyrex :)...
Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment with me people! Be sure to subscribe (if you wana of course), and tell me about your wonderful Pyrex finds!
Now- off to have some Little Big Cheeks (Samy) quality time ;D

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