Holiday Songs in the Air

Here it comes ;), Thanksgiving and Christmas! Every where I've been lately, you can hear Christmas songs playing on every intercom throughout the city. I heart Christmas :). Not for the gifts or the decorating or what have you, but because I get to use my Precious Christmas Pyrex :D! I have been SO excited this year, and I can't wait to put these pretties to good use. I'll use them at Thanksgiving and New Years as well, simply because they are so festive, and OH SO PRETTY! I scoured the thrift stores, more antique malls, and some online resources and found my Favorite piece...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Poinsettia with Matching Gold Leaf Lid
Isn't she GORGEOUS! This year I went all out and found this baby on Etsy. After I had acquired this piece...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Holiday with Lid
...at a near by thrift store a while back, I wondered what other pieces of holiday Pyrex might exist. I was instantly hooked! SO, I drove myself to my favorite antique mall. Would you believe I found another piece? This one...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Pine with Matching Gold Leaf Lid
No it's not red, it's gold leafing actually, she's just reflecting the red tablecloth :) Ne who, I was thrilled! Of course, there is one other piece I can't seem to get my hands on (there always is). It's a Vintage Green Pyrex "Christmas (Holly)" Cinderella Bowl. I almost had her one night while shopping on eBay, but of course lost it at the last minute ..grrrr...! But she will be mine one day!
I also got this one off ebay...
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Leaf with Lid and Cradle
Here's a photograph of my entire collection, so far ;)
AHHH, Christmas in the air... YAY!
In the spirit of Christmas, I should probably share this photo also...
Vintage Turquoise and Opal Pyrex in Snowflake
...which are available in my Shop  :). One last look at my most favorite piece..
Vintage Christmas Pyrex in Golden Poinsettia with Matching Gold Leaf Lid
Ahhhh ;) Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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