Foiled Plans ...BUT

SO, as we were getting ready to take our traditional trip to TX for the holidays, we were surprised by the unexpected - CAR TROUBLE! Our plans were foiled! BOO!! We were of course disappointed. We make it every single year, Thanksgiving with the relatives, HuniBee gets to spend his birthday with his family, and Samy gets to see family he otherwise never sees. Because of this unusual turn of events, I SO wasn't prepared for a home cooked Thanksgiving meal :( wahwah. No turkey, no stuffing, no broccoli casserole, no pumpkin pie, *sniff* it was SO SAD. To top it all off, we got phone calls left and right of relatives showing up whom we haven't seen in ages! Of course. Disappointment through and through.
I decided to make the best of things, and cook up whatever we had on hand. Ribeye Steaks, random veggies, cheese, bacon, and a bottle of Cabernet Savignon. That's what we had. Grilled Ribeye, Veggie Bacon & Cheese Casserole and some Cab S wine.
Thanksgiving Dinner
It was actually pretty tasty ;). See..
Oh and a butter sauteed onion :)
Turned out great, tummies full. All in all a pretty good Thanksgiving.
HuniBee worked on our jeep most of the weekend. I was bummed being stuck at home. Looking forward to Black Friday Sales, but never made it out, boo on that. Then Sunday rolls around, and HuniBee, Samy and I decided to take the jeep out for a spin. Guess where we went? Thrift store shopping! YAY! Wana see what I found? I thought so ;)

404 Green Dots Nesting Bowl?? WOW! I quickly snatched this baby up. Right next to it down the isle, a Pink 443 Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl. In the next isle was the 045 Sage Golden Scroll Casserole (though I'm not actually sure of it's true name). Off we went to another thrift store, and I found the 024 Golden Branch Round Bottom Casserole waiting for me it seemed ;), and two isles over was the Spring Blossom Green Gravy Boat with Dish! WOW! The Pyrex Gods were smiling down on me!
I also found these the week before...
Vintage Pyrex Opals: 228 Pie Dish, 232 Oblong Pan, & 1083 Divided Serving Dish
The extra divided peeking in 9just needing to be included in the photo) is a traded Divided Opal. Most likely happy to be reunited with long lost family :). I also found this at a near by antique store...
Vintage Pyrex 575 Pink Scroll Spacesavers
Just the top one ;). The bottom I purchased off etsy first. Of course just my luck to find one a couple of days after I bought the one off etsy :P.
And since I'm sharing my etsy purchases, I also got this...
Vintage Pyrex Royal Wheat Divided Serving Dish with Cradle
Thanks to a dear flickr friend ;). I had the cradle, and she helped me find the correct dish. SO grateful! Another pair reunited ...and it feels so goood... Ha ha! Just kidding, seemed an appropriate song.
Newho, what started out as a disappointing Thanksgiving Holiday, turned out to be a really fun weekend!

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