Vintage Sheets Up!!

Finally!! I listed a few VS FQs' in my shop, YAY!!! Sorry!! I'm such a procrastinator! I'm so bad at blogging & listing new items in my shop. WAY better at managing my shop though. NEwho!! My VS collection is starting to outgrow my tiny sewing room! You'd be lucky to see my head pop out from underneath all these beauties lol! OK a bit of an exaggeration, but I am swimming in VSs' now. I can't seem to stop buying them. Especially with such a great selection! Here are a couple of examples...

 I rip them into 19"x23" FQs' and store them like this....
NOT the best photography I know, but I have such a small window to deal with this right now. My 1 yr old, HuniBee, and household chore list is ridiculous these days!! SO! Stop in and check it out, I'd deeply appreciate it!!

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