Thriftng Again ;D

As always, I'm constantly looking for new vintage sheets! It's my obsession lol. I have since found even more wonderful sheets, but I had to make an emergency trip to see my Grandmother :(. So I'm behind on everything! From photographing to posting to listing, and hoping to catch up here real soon.

So - these are some of my new finds! SO vibrant, you have to love these colors and patterns.  See..
Are they pretty?? Then I had to add another shelf just for my VSs' I have yet to cut up into FQs'...
And now I use this shelf for all my VS's I have used, scraps, hems thin and wide, plus extra fabrics etc..

All in all good things! I have so  much left to do, so I better skedaddle! Have a great day!!!
OH! I have also managed to finish piecing the back of Samy's quilt YAY!! Promise I'll post photos asap!

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