My First Swap!

My first vintage sheet fat quarter swap!! YAY!!! I joined my first swap, and I have to say, I had so much fun! The work to get 80, YES 80 fat quarters ready was crazy, but soo exciting!!! Here's what I sent in...
Sorry about the crappy photography!!
 And here's what I got...
Much nicer photograph hehe!
 And this is what my FQs look like now!
YAY!! Now to just make more FQs' out of my VS collection :)
 SO, yes it was fun, the anticipation and excitement of it all!! LOL! Good times indeed! Now a little Pyrex Love, I got these in a trade too!...
Vintage Pyrex White Daisy (or more commonly Pink Daisy)
Can you believe it?? Now my entire Pink Daisy collection is complete, thanks to my Pyrex friend Elma!! Thanks Again Girl! I'm beside myself with happiness! I sent her this piece...
Vintage JAJ Pyrex "Hot Pink" Snowflake
I know what some of you are thinking -why trade such a beautiful and rare piece for Pink Daisy??? That's easy, I LOVED my Pink Daisy a WHOLE lot more than this piece, AND I know I could never really complete a set of that kind. Complete collections are a weird fixation with me, lol! Not to mention, as gorgeous as it is, it really just wasn't me! Elma on the other hand LOVES it, and what a better way to trade, than to trade with someone who's going to love it more than I :D  SO off it goes to her new Loving family, and I have my Lovely completed collection of Pink Daisies!! Pyrex Dreams & Love!!!

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