Blog Buttons!

What did I do today??? This ---------------->>>>
I Learned how to make & add Blogger Buttons like this...

(These don't go anywhere though sorry :D)

 ...And this...

(Neither does this one lol)

As you can tell I have alot to learn (like adding links), but it's fun as I go. So it took me awhile to figure it out, but I finally got a system down. I ended up using Photobucket to create my button images, which in turn also hosts them for you! YAY!! Easy peesy! So here's what I did:

1.Open a photobucket account.
2. Hit the Upload now, then hit the Select Photo's and Videos Button ...which opens the computer picture window.
3.Chose a photo... (elevator music 'The Girl from Ipanema' comes to mind as I wait for it to upload) & I clicked the photo once it loaded (which is probably not the proper way, but it worked for me) Once it showed it, moved the mouse over the photo, and a menu list shows up.
4.Click the Edit button (more elevator music)
5. Crop if needed, and hit Crop Selected Area, NOT Save or Replace!
6. Resize (I used a max size of 180 in the second box), and hit Apply. Once again NOT Save or Replace!
Next if you wish to add something else like borders, text etc, click the Decorate Button and then click Apply :) When your done NOW you can click Save A Copy or Replace Original (again more elevator music lol)
7. Next you see your links on the right side of your screen! YAY ALMOST DONE!
8. NOW, in a new tab or window, sign in to your blog, and click on the Design tab. You'll see an area that says "Add a Gadget" and click. A window will open, scroll till you see the option for HTML/JavaScript & click.
9. Click back to your photobucket window and click on the HTML code link, click back to your blogger window, right click inside the content window and paste your code. In the first set of  " ", highlight and delete. Being extra careful NOT to delete any extra characters, then you enter your website link, be it for facebook, flickr, etsy, twitter etc.
It should look like this...

<a href="your website link" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n000/vivid felicity/image.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

10. Click on Save and your done! All that's left to do is arrange your gadgets, sit back and admire your work!
Good Luck!! Contact me if you should have any questions :)

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