What have I been up to?

As promised, what I've been making...
My Samy Cakes baby quilt of course :D! Made entirely of vintage sheets, and the center squares are a few choice baby clothes he wore during his first year of life. YAY! Forgive the terrible photographs, but weather and lighting have NOT been on my side lately! So, this happenes to be my first quilt -as I haven't done any sewing for years. ...ok well technically it's my second. The first was a baby gift I quilted in my early 20's, and didn't have the slightest clue as to what I was doing, but that's a whole other subject heehee. I'm really rusty as you can tell. The color and pattern choices are not the best, neither are the placements lol! But it's made with so much love and determination! It still needs some work, so here's hoping it comes out as I'm hoping!
In other news (hehe), I've been thifting again for VSs'. Not all of these are from the same shopping day, I'm just behind on taking photographs. So I got these VSs'...
 And these Vintage Pillowcases (VPs')...
 Totally in love with the Pink/Fuchsia VS and VP! The very top on both photos ;D. I'm hoping to have my FQ's done soon and listed in my store. And since I'm new to blogging, please feel free to copy and paste the address mentioned above :D! Newho, happy thrifting, quilting & what have you!

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