Sew Dreamy

So I had this idea for a mug rug one day. From beginning to end, it was a total improv project. I never really knew what this was going to look like, as most of my projects go, but this turned out 'Sew Dreamy'! 

The idea came to me when I was on a call. I started sketching this cutie on paper, simply because I'd rather be asleep dreaming of sewing, instead of on such a long drawn out boring call. 

The backing is Michael Miller, that I scored from a IG destash. It's a beautiful honey brown color. 

The quilt idea was sketched a little differently on paper. Once I got going though, I started liking the simplicity of the patchwork. These are all various japanese fabrics I either received in swaps, or purchased on Etsy or destashes. I'm addicted to Japanese fabrics right now :).

As for my girl, she was hand drawn on natural linen, and then embroidered. Some are COSMO floss others are DMC floss. 

I really love how this turned out! I wonder what my next project is going to be.. any thoughts?

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