HEY Busy Holiday Month!

Hi all! I'm finally back again, and I wow have I missed you all! It's been crazy around here with holiday preparations. I'm sure everyone can understand. Let us get started on what has been going on in my neck of the woods, shall we? Well, Lets' start with a HUGE Thank You to all of my wonderful supporting Pyrex Family! I can't thank you enough for all your support yet again! I truly appreciate all the blessings, well wishes, and warm comments. It's beyond anything I could have ever expected, I love you guys ;D. THANK YOU!

Let's talk fabric! I've finally been receiving bundles I'd ordered before all the craziness. Oh am I ever excited you guys! Here are some photos of the ones I've received..

Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids
Gosh I love a rainbow! These are the perfect set to go with any and all the projects I have in mind. Gorgeous!

City Stitches ColorWheel Swap-Various fabric selections
I was so excited when I received this color wheel people! It's awesome! I can't wait for the next round! Thank You Megan!!
Next is the one I had been checking my box for almost everyday..

Lizzy House 50 Fat Eighths Bundle
I'll wait till the Ooos' and Aahhhs' subside...               ...OK, SOOO Pretty right!?! I hope alot more of you we're able to snatch a pack during the second offer! I'm beside myself! I haven't decided which pattern I'm going to use for these beauties, but it will have to be something spectacular spectacular!! I have one more bundle I'm waiting for, but that baby will have it's own spacial spotlight when it gets here ;)

Moving on to a couple of projects I sneaked in while BabyCakes was sleeping..

Scrappy Coasters 
More Scrappy Coasters
These were an experimental sewing project. On their way home to my Sister and Renee!
More projects I've done...

Christmas Door Hanging
 No tutorial for this one, but it was inspired by a similar burlap version I picked up while thrifting.

Reindeer Noses Candy Package
..an idea I got from pinterest while scroll through photos. No photo of the finished product though, sorry about that! They're packaged and ready to be sent to my nieces :). ..

Reindeer baby feet Christmas Cards
My most favorite, funnest, and happiest project so far this month! Thanks Huni for your help and fun-ness!, and Thank You Samy for providing the most adorable feet ever! The Reindeer Baby Feet Stamp was another idea from Pinterest, and the sewing details was my own :).

SO there you have it! Some of things I've been up to lately this month. Samy's Christmas blanket is one row from being done, so I'll have a post on that really soon. Most of my other sewing projects are currently on hold. Mostly because I'm busy tending to my Pyrex & Shop sales --> again, THANK YOU ALL!! More will be posted after Christmas ;).
Once the craziness of Christmas is over, I'll be back in the sewing saddle again! (Hopefully I can sneak in a project or 2 or 3 or 4 in secret hehe) What have you all been up to during the busy season? Leave me your blog, flickr, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc addresses so I can hop on over and be inspired!


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  1. Where did you get the Lizzy HOuse bundle? I love it!