It's All Good

Waking up yesterday with a sore throat, from what was supposed to be a restful nap, is not fun. Not fun. Today, the sore throat is still present, only now, I feel a cough is getting ready to join in all the fun. With Thanksgiving around the corner, & lots of prep work to do, -not to mention a certain someone's birthday- I am not a happy camper. Boo on that :(. So today, these are my best friends..

Mostly because this is what I have on hand. Hopefully Huni gets off early enough to make a trip to the grocery store today.
Newho, enough "sicky poo" talk. I don't have to much to share today. Other than the sore throat, I did happen to wake to some happy news. Look what I won from Katy over at I'm A Ginger Monkey..

YAY! It's a copy of the first book released from the Fat Quarter Shop  Gang! My dear friend Mary over at Handmade by Mary, sent me an email early this morning. What a sweetheart, Thanks Mary! Coincidentally, she also contacted me when I won this..

An eBook by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, from John over at  Quilt Dad. Woohoo!!
A HUGE Thank You goes out to everyone involved, for the opportunity to win these fantastic prizes ;D.
If  I don't feel to bad today, I know what I'd love to do *insert big wink here*. Meanwhile, I'll be flipping through the pages of my eBook.

Happy & Healthy Holidays Everyone!


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