I've been obsessing about the Sewing Summit that happened in Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend! Literally ob-ses-sing folks! I stalked the Instagram, nad just about all of my favorite bloggers who went!
I didn't get to go this year, as I was 4 measly hours shy and they sold out. BOO on that! But you better believe I'll be there next year!

As I was pouring over all those photos, swags, and prizes, out came all of my sewing supplies and away I went! I was able to get the first 1/3 of my quilt top done..

..and then Samy came in :P! Lol! Hungry and ready for lunch. We had to make a trip to the fabric store anyway, so we made our way out the door for lunch..

He was one happy camper, look at that smile haha!! Here's what I had..

Mexican Lime Grilled Talapia

Tasty! Now that everybodys' belly was full, off we went to the fabric store! Would you believe I showed up during a 50% off sell?? WOOHOO!! I also had a gift card I'd been itching to use. After a little looking around, I decided to get me some decent fabric scissors. Now, I've never had anything but the walmart plastic handle type, so forgive me -but these are AWESOME..

Gingher spring-action shears! Oooooo!! Now these are dressmaker shears, and I'll probably Never-ever make any type of clothing, but these babys' cut through fabric like BUTTA!!! I LOVE them!

Hopefully I can get back to sewing, and I can get some items done for next years Sewing Summit Eeek! So Thank You Sewing Summit for lighting a fire under my bum, so I can be ready for next year!

OH! I've also been cleaning up my blog. Have you noticed?? Pretty cute so far I think :). A little more work and I'll be the happy camper ;D!



  1. I was obsessing too... after awhile it just made me frustrated that I wasn't there so I did the same thing as you; I stared sewing!

    Cute quilt top!

    Jennifer :)

    1. I'm thinking alot of people felt just like we did haha!

      Thanks for the compliment also Jennifer. Hopefully I'll get to finish it this weekend ;D