Pineapple Anyone?

Pyrex Pineapple that is ;D! Lucky enough to snag a fairly rare unopened Vintage Pyrex Pineapple Party Chip &  Dip Set from a flickr buddy, I have been going back and forth on whether I should open it or not. It took a couple of days, and finally decided to OPEN it! YAY! SO, because this is the first ever unopened piece for me, I also decided to photograph such a momentous occasion ;D. Bare with me as this is going to be a bit long, but completely worth it. Let's get started!

 This is how she arrived...
Unopened Vintage Pyrex Pineapple Party Chip and Dip Set
:B (that was me bitting my lower lip) I could feel the excitement building up hehe! I literally had to pace myself. I was SO ready to rip into that box, and expose the precious treasure I had been longing for inside. But NO! Restraint would be alot more gratifying in this case. 

Here are my first stages...

The rush was crazy great! Seeing that little brass dip bowl bracket ...EEE!! The next stages were even more exciting as I began to pull her out of its' years of hibernation...
Completely and utterly IN LOVE!! Bright, Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous!!

Next? A photo session of course! My kitchen had terrible lighting, so I had to move upstairs. Are you ready? Me too!

Feast your eyes on this baby...
Vintage Pyrex Pineapple Party Chip and Dip Set ;D

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The graduation of the colors is amazing don't you think? The small bowl goes from a light lemon to a butter yellow, and the bottom bowl goes from that buttery darkish yellow to a rich reddish orange. Take a look of them sitting side by side...

Beautiful! I just don't know how else to describe it.

I thought it would match my bright yellow 300 set, but this is clearly much more vibrant. Thanks everyone for sharing this with me! One more look at this set? Yes, I think so too...
Stunning Vintage Pyrex Pineapple Party Chip & Dip Set

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<3 Veronica ;D 

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  1. Just found this post as we were having a discussion on brackets. Nice post, great pictures. Fun seeing you unveil!!!