Pyrex Bowl Addiction

I was admiring my Pyrex Bowl Collection yesterday, and thought I haven't talked about my Pyrex collection in such a long time, I really missed it. Well, I sure would like to see them all together at one time. Usually I have just a few sets out, and the rest stored away. So I went through and decided to post up my whole collection here :D! Here's to the beauty of precious Pyrex (ting!!). Enjoy! 

Turquoise 400 Series Mixing Bowls

Friendship Cinderella Nesting Bowls

Pink 400 Series Mixing Bowls

Delphite Nesting Bowls

Bright Yellow 300 Series Mixing Bowls

Turquoise Butterprint 300 Series Mixing Bowls

Orange Butterprint Cinderella Nesting Bowls 404 &403

Spring Blossom Green 300 Series Mixing Bowls (Original 1st Pattern)

Hot Air Balloons Promotional Chip and Dip Set (with the original box-not photographed

Horizon Blue 403 Mixing Bowls

Friendship 300 Series Mixing Bowls (with original box)

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