OK Ok ok...

SO I'll admit I'm NOT the best blogging person on the web. I had every intention on committing to this 100%! BUT things change :). I'll let you know why I'm not so consistent :)
 First I had this little guy...
Samuel Lucas
(pause for the ahhhh!)
 Isn't he cute? Smiling since the day he was born! By the way, that IS a photo on the day he was born. WHEW, I can't believe I survived that day!

Then the holidays roll around. Talk about the busy season, then add this BabyCakes into the mix...
awww How Cute ;)
 Run errands and all that jazz...
and pause for a little Samy Cam time
 Get home spend some Mommy time with (again) this little man...
...which is a year old photo, but I love this one! Look at that face he's making hee!
 And by the time you know it, Hunibee is home, have to make dinner, and we're running around with Cheeks, watching him grow, and taking as many photos as ridiculously possible, because he's just SO darn CUTE in our eyes...
see what I mean? How could I not photograph this little guy, making this cute of a face, all because I'm waving a SPOOL of THREAD in front of him and DaddyCakes is playing chase, ALL @ the Same TIME?!
 Then you start thinking about how your entire day has gone by, you haven't done your chores, or taken photographs of your progressing projects and the Pyrex your so undeniably in love with to share with all your beloved online friends, AND realize your OH SO ADORABLE LITTLE GUY HAS GROWN AND CHANGED AGAIN an entire YEAR later!
and this photo is over three months old already!
So here I am blogging again, in my tiny window of opportunity. Meaning Samy's asleep, WHEW!!
....oh, there he is ;P! And so it begins again!! :D

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